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    Star Trek Fans

    Talking about the sitcom ? Then No :|
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    Bill Gates trip to India. LOL

    Yeah , Its a nice Site , Nicely written sarcastic news and facts :P
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    What's Your Computer Called?

    My Desktop - Zeus32 Laptop - Falcon64 *Zeus Being the Main Server and 32 and 64 represents the Bit Version of their Main OS.
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    What is so original about the film Avatar?

    ^^ LOL That Pocahontas Comparison was too good :P
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    Owner betrayed by Pet Dog..

    And we called it the Best Friend of a Man :P
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    WTF is his problem?

    Damn those Mail Number ARE High 0_o
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    Should I trust?

    Its a Spam IMO :|
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    Who is your domain registrar? , Their service is fine till now :)
  9. cybercool10

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year Mates :D
  10. cybercool10

    Hello Everyone!

    ^^^ Nice to know that u guys are working on Gaming :D , Best of luck !
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    How much RAM do you have?

    My Desktop - 1Gb + 256MB My laptop 1 - 4GB My laptop 2 - 3GB
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    Mininova Only to Allow "Legal" Torrents

    I agree , even if they do , some will find another way and this will go on and on ... :dunno:
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    [OFF] Google Wave invite for points/$

    @dranzer : Rushikesh is that you ? Anyways , got 6 Invites with me , anyone wanting a Invite mail me ( admin [at] extremetecharena [dot] com )
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    Mininova Only to Allow "Legal" Torrents

    Sad News .... Thnx for Informing ;)
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    OS choiches

    I use Ubuntu Netbook Remix and Windows 7 On my Laptop and Windows 7 Solely on My Desktop.Love the Linux Stability :cool:
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    How to Import 3 Scripts from Freehostia to Here.

    No This is my first x10Hosting Account , and Freehostia got a Crappy cPanel , I guerentee if you go there you will start puking , but alas it does the job for me :D through phpAdmin ? yeah it does. haha , you bet i am lazy :P Thnx for the Warning , Actually , sorry for not replying to this...
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    How to Import 3 Scripts from Freehostia to Here.

    Hi Techies ! Just joined in today , as i wanted to migrate from Freehostia to here , I am a bit irritated by the Downtime , (i am on Free hosting there) can't afford to buy now , So here is the picture. I have three Script installed @Freehostia. Jhoomla phpbb Wordpress Now i want to...