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    Domain Switch SEO

    Hi all, Without doing any research I changed my domain from to I followed the correct procedure ie. 301 redirects, sitemap submitted and informed google of the move. Its been 2 weeks and my traffic from google is at 1/3 of the original site. What would be my best...
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    Finally Finished TheFreeGamesDB

    Hi all, I've finished updating my site (took over a year). Although most of it was backend php coding, I did give it a little touch up design wise. I'm not very good at designing though so I would appreciate some feedback on what you think, mainly on the logo, title bar and homepage. Site...
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    Characters to filter out of echo

    Hey, I'm going to be displaying echo input from user, what are all the characters I need to filter out for it to be safe for display, does < and > suffice? Also I'm loading the data into a database using PDO. What characters do I need to filter out to make that safe if any? (I'm using the...
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    Feedback on my new site logo

    I've updated my logo for and it'll go live when we have moved domain to I'm crap at design so go easy on me :D What do you think?
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    php - Using Text vs VarChar

    Hey, During my sites development, I have used text and varchar fields interchangeably when designing my database tables. I use PDO to access the database via php and wondered if there is any difference between using the two, such as performance etc?
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    Please answer my support ticket :/

    Hi, I'm on illuminated and have had a support ticket open since 2013-03-26 08:32 and no one has bothered to answer at all, please can you respond! Thanks (Sorry for posting in free forum but it seems the only place any of the admins look atm)
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    What do you people think of adfly

    Hi, I have a website that hosts lots of links to free games (legal ones, not pirated content) and I was wondering what people think of for making money, do you think it'll be worth it for 200 visitors a day? Thanks
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    Huge open database of free pc games

    Hi guys, I've made a large (500+) database of freeware/indie free to play games with direct download links, they are all free, legal, ad free, and most come close to big studio/publisher standards, in fact some are even big publisher games released as freeware. The site also allows anyone to...
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    I'm on the illuminated server and first of all what mail can I use? PHP mail and/or SMTP. My website emailed fine before but it doesn't appear to work now, it uses PHP mail. Whats wrong, is it X10?
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    Review my site, A free games database.

    Hi all, Can you review my site especially the new addition, the free games database. Any and all comments welcome :)
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    Upgrading gives you double number of databases, but why do you need more than one? Could you not just put all the tables into the same database or is their a limit to that? Is their any reason to need more than 1?
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    Photon GameManager V3

    GameManager is a free program that is designed for Windows PC to automate the process of downloading game fan art, box art, screenshots, game info, official patches and organise the data in a functional and sleak interface, allowing you to browse, sort, filter, patch, mount and run your games...
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    Should I not have access to the prime forums?

    Hello, I've bought illuminated and I got email to say its active but should my forum account not get permission to view the prime forums too or do I have to do something to activate it?
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    Changing account username when upgrading to Illuminated

    Hi, My username and subdomain name of the free hosting is a name I setup for a completely different purpose and I now have a different idea and website but I can't find a way to change my username and subdomain. I would like to upgrade to Illuminated and was wondering if its possible to change...
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    Some Questions and Upgrading to Premium

    Hi, I currently have a free account that hosts my freeware program's download, online help and a database. I recently noticed that in a particular hour I had reached the resource limit and my site when down for an hour, this confused a lot of my visitors and also broke my program during that...