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    Bring Traffic to your site/forum. How you do it?

    I;m sure lots of people have already said this but you could add your url to a major search engine like google and affiliate with someone!^^
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    Where do you shop?

    ^^ I love to shop in hot topic althought, I'm not like into sterotypes, I just love the fashion!!!^^ Japanese stores where they sell Goth Lolita stuff is also cool!^^
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    Where is your site on google?

    My site's not even there DX'''
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    Hey!!^^ I'm new here!!!

    ^^ Thanks so much for the welcome!!^-^ And yup, x10 hosting is so much better than other hosts in my opinion!!! I've just uploaded my site!!^^ It was so nice and simple!!!
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    Suspended for Inactivity

    My account was suspended for inactivity. I would've logged on but my computer had gotten a virus and and it would not load any web pages for me so my parents had to get it fixed. Please if any x10hosting staff would unsuspend my account I will log onto the forums once every 2 weeks so I will...
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    Hey!!^^ I'm new here!!!

    Hi!!!^^ I'm Isabella! And I just joined x10hosting a couple of weeks ago but this is my first time on the forums!^^ I'm just postin this, lol, if you wanna just drop a line or something feel free!^^ I love to make new friends!!