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    503 server unavailable

    can u write anything else??? in evey topic comes this msg,
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    regarding 503 problem and dissapearing posts

    why is the complete support team so friendly??????ß
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    Where The Hell Are you ? No one here To Resolve 503 Service inavailable problem

    503 error: ok but onething is NOT ok: when X10Hosting deletes my files! when i open my site, my index.php is missing, why? had u hackers or what? after this thing, i choosed to change the hoster, i were long time enough patient!
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    VOX MySQL Servers Down

    which day is today? is today friday or what? it is weekend, so u cant expect, that they work on weekend, they want there freetime too
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    VOX MySQL Servers Down

    the biggest problem is the weekend, and i wanted to show today/tomorrow my clan the website..... i wanted :/
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    VOX MySQL Servers Down

    this message is shown by my forum: "An error occured with the SQL server:This is not a problem with Board but rather with your SQL server. Please contact your host and copy the message shown above." in the white field is normaly an error code
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    PLZ fix

    the complete mysql server from vox server is down. cpanel works again (at my domain)