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    Ajax based new posts

    I worked with AJAX a bit before, what i would recommend you wouldnt like since ur not so great with javascript, but its awsome to pick up on after awhile. Anyways the code you would have to write would be javascript to check for new post without refreshing ur page. To do this you tell the...
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    Links and IFRAME

    Well ur on this site. Simply make a HTML file. name it navigationbar.html Then to include the nav-bar in all other pages use the code <?php include '';?> idk if that could be made any easier. You can also inline javascript the IFRAME/URL path...
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    [PHP] Search a multidimensional array

    These type of things give me a headache, but if you work with it long enough im sure you'll figure out what ur looking for. Good luck.
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    Html Editing

    Im not a application/program maker. But if i tired this in PHP, you would have to learn the functions for safely converting RAW HTML code into safely fit into and <textarea>. Another Thing you would have to do is define a piece of code that can be inserted into the HTML code to divide...
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    stupid colours in theme

    Well i tired to look at ur website on all 3 links, however none of the pages opened to ur site. However i ran into problems in the past with color theme problems before, half the people liked it half didnt, it bugged me, however i liked it so i was able to live with it. However to make my...
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    Agreed it looks good and the layout is very user-friendly. I'll make 1 comment about the right side, those big icon bottoms could be considered a waste of space. Also the Site Map thing at the bottom, i thought it would be a kool idea if you had the option to collapse open/shut. Agreed...
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    Introducing myself.

    Turns out x10hosting might not be for me, great stuff but lacks databases SQL Databases 2/3. 1 of my websites im building requires varies databases for setting, different login server require there own database each and thats 5 of those. Another database just for the major forum like this...
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    Content Overflow

    You should of posted your DIV code. I think the problem with ur DIV overflow is self created by forcing the height value of the DIV forcing the overflow outside of the DIV. A great way to handle over flow is add a CSS overflow code <div style="overflow: scroll;"> You can check out the...
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    php Warning: Cannot modify header information

    using cookies is rough. However this header problem your running into due to the location of where the header is located So setting cookies must happen before the actual header which looks like below. So you must set cookies before that code section. Good luck and i hope that answered ur...
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    Which is better

    Option #2 - Layout is slim, easy to read, and presents useful data at the home page which some people do enjoy.
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    Introducing myself.

    Well simply im Matt, or Matthew, doesnt matter to me. I've been on x10hosting before, but moved to paid hosting awhile back however my paid ran out so im back here to host my site since this site is more realible and trustworthy than 95% of the other hosting sites i've been to and looked at...