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  1. xgen

    Down Time

    I know x10 is free hosting and offers the most but the downtime is beyond the joke. Whats the point of massive storage and bandwidth, if the sites are very rarely online to be used
  2. xgen

    Disk Full and suggestion

    You allready know about thge disk full error and everyones been quoted a large amount of space which isnt avaliable. Maybe the staff of x10 should alter the plans example The x10advanced plan gives 1000 megs, thats way more than is actually needed for a free website, i suggest this plan...
  3. xgen


    Do you have backups of hosing from about 4 days ago or more because the database on my account got deleted some how, and due to that i deleted my forum which was quite active. But a friend said you may keep backups and one of these backups may be whats needed to have my site back to what it was...
  4. xgen


    When will the mysql error be resolved, alot of members have emailed me reporting the error and its been like this almost 24 hours now. The phpbb error code it brings up is Warning: mysql_connect(): Access denied for user: 'xgen_phpbb2@localhost' (Using password: YES) in...
  5. xgen


    ok whats going on with the sql none of it seems to be working and i cant install any forums because it. I had a phpbb forum working yesterday and today when i looke at the mysql list it was gone
  6. xgen

    Can you restore my account please?

    Hi, i asked for my account to be restored over a month ago and didnt get any come back from it. Domain: Cpanel user: xgen As with many other accounts it points to the elimentalFX and ive probably like lost everything what was on that account. I did request a new...
  7. xgen

    Someone's taken my account

    i went to log into my account today and someones changed the password to the cpanel and deleted everything putting their site there instead. can you get me my account back please. If need be i can send one of the administrators the pm i got when i signed up.
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  9. xgen

    Could someone help?

    Would anyone here install a mod into phpnuke for me as the support wont install mods and i really need it, the thing is i dont understand any of it. Is there anyone here who could, if so please email the url of this mod is my...