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    Redirecting to

    i haven't set any redirects i have checked
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    Redirecting to

    but with now happening opposite.
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    Redirecting to

    When i opened i was redirected to and when i opened it opened properly. However, it was opposite some hours before. I had cleaned all my cache and tmp files had a virus and malware trojan adware spyware scan.
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    Site takes time to load

    Now see results done using : For my site at other host Website information Total loading time:3.2 seconds Total objects:38 (249.8 KB) External objects:19 (152.8 KB) (X)HTML:5 (60.6KB) RSS/XML:0 CSS:0 Scripts:9 (123.3KB)...
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    Site takes time to load

    your site was also loading like my site. Also, now another problem when i opened my site i was directed to
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    Site takes time to load

    i am on starka server.
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    I was not having such problems at other host

    I was not having such problems at other host
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    Site takes time to load

    Look i want to say that the site loads but the initial time taken is more. meaning when i click my site the browser starts looking for my site but it takes time for it and then afterwards the page loads and then it loads properly. But when i opened other member sites they loaded...
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    Site takes time to load

    My site is but when i open it it takes time to load while all other sites whichever i surfed loaded faster. When i open it looks that it will not open but when i wait for it for some time it loads.
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    Help with site builder

    I am having problem with the site builder. There is no "Include Code Module" in the Add-on-Modules category on the top of site builder as specified in the site builder help. Further i want that my subpage doesn't get displayed in the menu of site.How can i do it.
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    check out my xhtml+css+xml+xslt + some ajax site :P

    it takes time to load
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    File Manager Not Working

    My file manager is not working. it is not showing me any directory or files. i am unable to upload files via file manager or ftp.
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    Review My Site

    great work.
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    Please review my upcoming clan site.

    Great work ! But try to change the template of the site.
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    HOW TO: Link your forum account with cPanel.

    post in the forums to unsuspend the account
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    Please Unsuspend my Account

    My account has been suspended because of inactivity. But there was some problem with my network connection because of which i could not open my account. I request the x10hosting staff members to please unsuspend my account. I assure you that i will not keep my account inactive for more than a week.
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    Please view my site

    Hello! Huy! Please view my site It's a request for all. Please..... Thank You! Also comment on it. Please... ;)
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    Site Problem

    I had submiited my site to google but it says that "we can't currently access your page because of an unknown problem". But when i opened my site page it was opening without any problem. My site's url is : And when i submitted my site to yahoo it was...
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    php problem

    You currently have an application pending for PHP version 1. Your application for PHP v1 was accepted and your account is pending a PHP version upgrade. Basic PHP Configuration - Application pending Most features of PHP that have the potential for abuse have been disabled in this version...