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  1. amresh_rai47

    Unable to access Advanced DNS Zone Editor

    Hello, I tried to access Advanced DNS Zone Editor section from my cPanel But getting below error message "Failed to fetch zone file for No Zone Records Found". The site is hosted and working for more than two years and I had accessed this section is past too.
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    Yeah! I am also using X10 for my personal site everything is running smoothly. Thank you guys :)
  3. amresh_rai47

    Change to Inactivity Policy

    Great news. Thanks you guys :)
  4. amresh_rai47

    Disk Space Policy Change

    Really appreciated :) This won't affect much as long as you are willing to increase the limit based on the contents/usage of the site. It's a better move than the CPU usage restriction on hourly basis. If that can be made daily/weekly basis then it would be great.
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    Hello Ssherman70, All the best for your site :)
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    Hello Dolfet15, Welcome to X10. Wishing you a pleasant experience with X10.
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    Welcome Pmdds, It's quite unusual that your account is not yet setup :( Did you contacted support?
  8. amresh_rai47

    Petition against the High Resource Usage system

    Hello Admin, I would like to know if there is any way the customers would come to know if their domain is suspended because of over usage of resources i.e are you guys sending email alert for the same or simply disabling the domain ? If customers will get an email alert if there domain is...
  9. amresh_rai47

    Over Usage of resources

    Thank you for your suggestion but I was under impression that WP Super Cache plugin is always useful even if we are on shared server because it will help us to minimise the resource usage by the site.
  10. amresh_rai47

    Thank you for visiting :) Thanks & Regards Amresh Kumar

    Thank you for visiting :) Thanks & Regards Amresh Kumar
  11. amresh_rai47

    Wordpress Plugins

    I am using below wordpress plugins : Google XML Sitemaps All in One SEO Akismet Contact Form 7 Google Analytics for WordPress KeyCAPTCHA Secure WordPress from website defender WP Super Cache Any suggestions?
  12. amresh_rai47

    Over Usage of resources

    Thank you for your suggestion. Will have a look to the Plugin settings and will try to avoid the issue again. I can understand how difficult it is to monitor the resource usage on a shared server and also the importance of this but if this can be changed on daily basis then that will be great :)
  13. amresh_rai47

    Over Usage of resources

    Hello, My site is suspended because of over usage of resources. I am using a small wordpress blog, not sure how I have exceeded the limits? Can you please tell is your resource usage policy? It seems to be on hourly basis. Kindly explain. Not getting much idea about resource usage from options...
  14. amresh_rai47

    Error occurred during processing!!! HELP ME

    Did you tried to repeat the sign up process? That might be a temporary glitch
  15. amresh_rai47

    Requesting staff for magazine

    Hey! Oliver Any further updates on this?
  16. amresh_rai47

    Check out my website
  17. amresh_rai47

    Change a letter!

    Lane ;)
  18. amresh_rai47

    Windows or Linux?

    I prefer Linux. It has added advantage over security specially if you are dealing with server. User friendly too;)
  19. amresh_rai47

    New guy in town :)

    I too must appreciate the service they are providing. They are good with upgrading software and implementing new technologies.