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  1. SonicCow

    Anybody trade stocks online?

    I have a very successful account with E*Trader but was thinking of switching to Scottrade after a friend mentioned how good the customer service was. I went online to open an account and after filling everything in I got a message I they wouldn't open my account because of some negative...
  2. SonicCow

    Do you need a forum admin or mod?

    I recently was laid off from my job and my wife has decided she wants to go back to work so I am staying at home with our son. I would like to donate my time to help anybody that needs a forum admin or mod. I have many moons of experience and have plenty of free time during the day. I...
  3. SonicCow

    Suggestion for main page

    I was looking at the main page and was reading the testimonial but when I followed the link his account has been suspended. Maybe replace the testimonial with a working account. :dunno:
  4. SonicCow

    Hi all

    Hi, my name is SonicCow and i'm a weboholic. I hope to be an active member here and look forward to getting to know everyone. -Sonic