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  1. atlanis

    Login not working - Information not kept across pages?

    True. My salts do vary. In my example I see I just used the variable $salt throughout the entire thing. That would imply that I use the same one everywhere, but that isn't the case. (I was lazier than even I realized writing that example code) Generally for the password hash I use username...
  2. atlanis

    Login not working - Information not kept across pages?

    I'm coding defensively against the exploits in my code that are sure to exist without my knowledge as well as any unknown vulnerabilities. A system like that is simple enough to implement and doesn't slow the login process enough to matter (you'll only notice if you're reading time in...
  3. atlanis

    Php Image

    I think he means something like this: User A registers. User A gets default avatar. User A uploads new avatar. User A displays new avatar. User B registers. User B gets default avatar. User B displays default avatar. Maybe? Anyway, you can do a check to see if the custom avatar...
  4. atlanis

    Login not working - Information not kept across pages?

    Yes it would. The way I usually do my session variables is something likes this. On login: $validation_string = hash('sha512', $username . $salt . $password_hash); $validation_string = $validation_string . 'x32' . tostring(strlen($validation_string . $salt) * intval($user_id))...
  5. atlanis

    Beating the FB blues

    Another option is to use domains. I just tested my site ( and I was able to post it on FB with no trouble.
  6. atlanis

    Must Have Programs on the Computer

    Windows XP or 7 GIMP Notepad++ Reason WAMP Arch or Ubuntu Linux vim
  7. atlanis

    What Programming Language should I learn?

    C++ IMO. It's an old language that has mountains of documentation, as well as having good Object Oriented Programming support. Besides that, many languages borrow heavily from C/C++ (such as Java. Java and C/C++ have very similar syntax), which makes it easier to learn new languages.
  8. atlanis

    Whats The Last Game You Bought?

    Just bought Supreme Commander Gold a couple of days ago. That game is more than worthy of the money I spent on it. (which was only 6USD, but still!)
  9. atlanis

    ftp won't connect?

    Same problem here. It's probably server load, because I can't get on cPanel to manually edit my files either.
  10. atlanis

    Has mod_rewrite/.htaccess been disabled?

    Alright, thanks for the help!
  11. atlanis

    Has mod_rewrite/.htaccess been disabled?

    I have an ad-free limited hosting account and I haven't been able to use mod_rewritten URLs for several weeks now. Has it been disabled?
  12. atlanis

    404 Errors

    I have a subdomain registered ( and all links that use mod_rewrite no longer work and have not worked for almost a week. I have not changed my .htaccess file since the 6th of April this year. Using rewriteable URLs is one of the primary reasons I chose to use x10...
  13. atlanis

    Inactivity policy

    It's an annoying but necessary requirement for such superb hosting as x10. It keeps the number of inactive sites down to a minimum.
  14. atlanis

    Huge List Of Free MMO Games

    You need to remove ShadowBane from the list. It shut down last July (2009). There is an EMU project going on, but it isn't ready yet.
  15. atlanis

    My Site: EVIL

    The point of it is to allow people to use all of their signature images. It randomly picks one image from a list and displays it. A lot of people would have no use for it, but I know several that have multiple sigs that they want to use, but have to pick one. This gets around that by letting...
  16. atlanis

    Which is your favorite Gaming Company?

    I'm horrified at how many said EA. 0.o MicroProse (for Master of Orion) Blizzard (for Diablo 2 and hopefully 3) Square (for the old Final Fantasy games) Nintendo pre-2000, when they actually made good games Cyan Worlds (Myst) Bethesda (for Morrowind)
  17. atlanis

    new graphical layout and improved functions!!!

    I agree with this guy. Maybe have the <div> with the tags aligned to the bottom (I notice that it's near the top because of AdBlock)
  18. atlanis

    My Site: EVIL

    It's a site that allows you to upload signature pictures (no more than 500k in size) and then use a single URL to have it display a random signature. The URL points to an image, and can be used in most forums with the (Reload the page some and the image will change) The front page is still...
  19. atlanis

    mod_rewrite help

    Okay, thanks a lot missen! *clicks links*
  20. atlanis

    mod_rewrite help

    Thank you so much! It is working now!