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    can't login to cpanel

    thanks! that fixed it.
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    can't login to cpanel

    every time i try to log in i end up with a "Login Attempt Failed" on every try. my password and username are correct (as far as i can remember). i am on chopin, but was previously on fris. hosting account name: kvella forum account name: crabbypup hosting package: free-adfree
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    Fris cPanel login

    though, this really doesn't help those with the MySQL problems. it has been almost a month and there does not appear to be any progress - if you will pardon my ignorance of your procedures. usually the mantra is 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'. it almost seems that the staff here are quite...
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    Is hyper-threading really necessary??

    older computers like that are great as a home server. i have been using mine for folding@home, but i recently took one of my folding boxes (3.0ghz p4 OC'ed to 3.45ghz, 1.5gb DDR RAM, 80gb SATA) and put CentOS 5.5 on it for use as a web server. we have been doing web development in class, but...
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    FTP and CPannel not working - Stoli

    i am also on lotus and am experiencing the same issues. any news? this hasn't made it to the server alerts yet.
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    OsTicket refuses to enable SMTP

    i am trying to set up my OsTicket with SMTP instead of the php mail() function. i have the following settings for SMTP right now: SMTP host - port - 465 authentication required? - yes i have tried various servers ( and when i go...
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    How fast is your processor?

    actually, running tinyxp rev 9 on a p4 2.4ghz it starts in 31 seconds and shuts off in 13. this is actally faster than my ubuntu (9.04) based laptop (see below). but as for my clock speeds... skeleton box -> amd athlon 1800+ (socket A) overclocked to 1.5ghz server 1 -> amd duron 1200+ @ 1.2ghz...
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    What are your Laptop's Specs?

    Model: HP Pavilion G60-101CA How old?: ~ 7 Months at time of posting Size: 16.1" with a Max Resolution of 1366 by 768 Processor: AMD Athlon x2 Dual Core QL-60 clocked @ 1.90GHz/core Memory: 1 x 2GB, 1 x 1 GB DDR2 @ 667MHz Video: Nvidia 8200M G 512mb shared Hard Drive: WD Scorpion Blue...
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    How much RAM do you have?

    3gb in my lappy and 512mb in my server. both are running linux mint 7 gnome 32bit. the server is only a 1.2ghz amd duron and is used as a samba/sftp file server and my laptop is an amd athlon x2 QL-60 1.9/core. i only use about 200mb on my laptop usually and the server typically uses about 250mb...
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    Anyone here have a home server?

    i have a server at home that runs linux mint gnome on an amd duron mobile 1.2ghz with 512mb of RAM. i run it as a headless (no monitor) desktop and operate it by vnc over wireless g. i have it set up with wake on lan and it mostly does file sharing. i also use it as a network sound device hooked...
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    Post your specs

    just put together my server this week. specs: 320gb IDE 7200rpm HDD 1.2GHZ AMD Duron Mobile cpu 768mb DDR 667mhz RAM VIA onboard everything except for sound XD HT Omega Claro 7.1 channel surround sound card running linux mint 7 (no monitor attached, using VNC)
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    How old your current computer?

    i have an hp pavillion g60-110ca with 3gb ram an nvidia 8200m g and an amd athlon ql-60 1.9ghz/core cpu with a 250gb sata drive. the whole thing is 2.5 months old. the original vista got screwed so i am now running vista gamer edition and tiny xp with streamlined drivers. also running puppylinux...
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    How old your current computer?

    well, my lappy is 6weeks old. and i think i will call it haxxor :) vista home edition
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    Post your specs

    i recently got myself a 500gb external drive(formatted as EXT3, i have filesystem drivers for vista/xp) and a microsoft wired usb 3000 keyboard. my original system specs stayed the same. HP Pavillion G60 laptop AMD athlon X2 1.9ghz per core (QL-60) 3gb RAM Nvidia 8200M G 256mb dedicated with...
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    help needing to build a desktop

    wow. i have looked all over, and you guys are wrong! don't get an intel cpu. they run way too hot and are slower(and more expensive) than the AMD Athlon x2 5000+. get yourself a motherboard for 60$ and pick up a 2gb DDR2 800 dual channel ram kit (25$). get yourself a case + power supply as well...
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    problems updating YaBB to 2.3.1

    i cannot update my YaBB forum to the newest version... i got the email and tried to use the link but that didn't work. so then i tried to do it manually through cpanel... and that doesn't work either. server: absolut site: i do have an extension installed (just a...
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    Which linux distribution do you like the best?

    i use puppy linux. it runs on everything from a P2 with 128mb of ram to my laptop with an amd dual core with 3gb of ram. it will use any graphics card with 4mb of graphics memory or more. and it looks pretty good too. it uses icewm and gtk with an option to use jwm instead of icewm. you can add...
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    Post your specs

    new laptop :biggrin: ! it is an hp pavilion G60. amd athlonx2 (1.9 ghz/core) nvidia 8200M G 3gb ram 250gb hdd atheros wifi(a/b/g/n) webcam altec lansing speakers hdmi port 16" LCD @ 1366x768 my first laptop... and my first dual core. it's got vista for now... but i will probably...
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    Latest Updates

    my adfree site is still down, but from what i hear it will be up in the next two days. thanks a bunch! still waiting on my php upgrade, applied almost 4 weeks ago.
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    Ssd hd

    well, it should be alot slower because generally speaking you will see a 25% performance hit IN WRITE compared to HDD's but for read it should be about the same. also what raid mode are you using? this matters a lot as raid 5 and raid 1 are faster than single drives whereas raid 0 is the same or...