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  1. Marko

    Question about languages

    I know that I am not allowed to make my default home page in languages other than English, Spanish or French. But can I make my pages in 2 language and if I can do i need to set english/French/Spanish as default language or can I add it as optional?
  2. Marko

    My Introduction

    x10Hosting team thank you very, very much for such a good FREE hosting plans. The community is strong, Servers reliable, Good plans, And cost $0 Everything is just perfect Thank you!:bigok::dancingna:dancingna
  3. Marko

    phpBB problem

    I just created instant account to see what are the features. I will delete it soon... Well I don't really like that phpBB hosting that you are giving to me, because i want to install custom skins, language packs, smilies and more, but there is a problem with file uploader and some files were not...
  4. Marko

    Hello people! Can you introduce me x10hosting?

    Hi everyone! So i'm now signed up... What should i do next to be a member? Thanks:facesjump