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  1. J

    Email not working

    Ya know x10 used to allow smtp to an external mail servers, ie gmail. Google has many security levels that have to be completed for mail to be severed via x10. why not move the problem from x10's plate to Google's?
  2. J

    Email not working

    Me too. Corey can you do what you did for ghardin on my account?
  3. J

    Thunderbird imap connection problem

    Gotta fix, not sure I like it, but it seems to work. Turn security settings in Thunderbird for x10 account to NEVER.
  4. J

    Thunderbird imap connection problem

    Now that the email service is working, Thunderbird which had been working prior to the failure is failing to connect. The failure message which may or may not make sense, "Thunderbird can't connect securely to because the site uses a security protocol which isn't enabled."...
  5. J

    ETA on Email

    I see the new status pages has noted that there is an email problem, 5 days ago.
  6. J

    I cannot Sign In

    me too....
  7. J

    Signing in problem

    This is what I get and nothing else. Sign in Successful Please standby while transfer you to your web hosting account. Initializing..
  8. J

    sql warnings

    I'm getting this warning, and page will not do to it. Warning: mysql_connect(): Headers and client library minor version mismatch. Headers:50173 Library:50531
  9. J

    508 and now 500 error

    Thanks, is there somewhere I can monitor these so I can try to minimize this issue.
  10. J

    508 and now 500 error

    Cpanel is working, but not web sites..
  11. J

    Missing files

    No files at all . I've tried both file managers and both have zip. Cpanel still prompts for default directory every time I log in and even after selecting don't ask again. Just thought I note that. The databases seem to be there, actually 2 days ago was able to export them. And Email doesn't...
  12. J

    403 Forbidden Issue

    No files, it says we are to let them know...HOW? Cpanel seems like it works, mysql database are there and was able to export. Now I see they say absolut is finished migration, hope not!!!
  13. J

    The dreaded bug is back

    FTP sometime connects then shortly there after kicks you off, sort of. Then try to log back in and get error two many connections. file_get_contents is also having an issue, page just loads till time out. For some reason I remember these two issues going hand and hand last time, just an...
  14. J

    Disk Full on Absolut (FTP response: 552 Disk full - please upload later)

    Me too.. But you can upload through cpanel file manager.
  15. J


    Looks like they did a reset, but still having the same problem.
  16. J


    Is URL file-access disabled? Having problems with file_get_contents.
  17. J

    Cron issues

    Yes, well aware of that. Even though minutes 1,2,3,4 and 5 are available options!
  18. J

    Cron issues

    It seems that only using minutes enables the cron to run. Setting anything other than minutes and it will NOT run. ex. 2 * * * * runs * 20 * * * will not
  19. J

    Your server is full!

    I had tried earlier and it wasn't, but now it does. Don't think this is a disk full problem, maybe a ftp issue? And it's still broke!
  20. J

    Your server is full!

    Better check again, the upload looks like it worked, but if you check the date and time, you'll see!