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  1. taylorx1

    Need help!

    Well did you check your mail log?
  2. taylorx1

    Please help

    Ohh. Sorry for going off topic, but you just solved my issue, Anyways, thanks! lol
  3. taylorx1

    WordPress email/Contact Form

    Does this categorize your question?
  4. taylorx1

    Need help!

    I believe that this is covered in the FAQ of Contact Form 7. Source:
  5. taylorx1

    Feedback on my new site logo

    It matches the theme of the site, which appears to be a retro styled site. Probably just me, but when I was younger and went to game sites, a good, clean design was a big turn on for me; and the sites which looked old were turn-offs. Just my opinion though.
  6. taylorx1

    Installing Software, but having Issues

    Yes, I forgot why I even coloured that portion out anyway. Database: taylorx1_setg123 Username: taylorx1_taylor And I didn't touch any of the script files. I have no SQL knowledge whatsoever, so I wouldn't mess with anything. All I did was change the write permissions like the script...
  7. taylorx1

    Installing Software, but having Issues

    Sorry, really bad title, but I don't know how to add my issue into the title without confusing everyone. My Dilemma: I am currently hosting 5+ websites on my iPage account, but just recent I tried installing SocialEngine 4 onto it. Turns out, iPage hasn't updated their SQL servers in forever...