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  1. puurchoco47

    Bash updated?

    Did you guys update your bash version?
  2. puurchoco47

    Review my promotion forum?

    You can. All you have to do is sign up and post a new topic in the "Promotion zone" section. Be sure to read the sticky!
  3. puurchoco47

    Review my promotion forum?

    What do you find of my promotion forum? You can use it to promote your site on it. I don't own it per say but I co-admin it.
  4. puurchoco47

    Free WordPress Theme By Mido_1989

    that looks pretty nice!
  5. puurchoco47

    What do you think?

    It looks nice but a little bit messy.
  6. puurchoco47

    what's up everyone?

    Welcome on board to this great free web host!
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    The Ctrl+V game

    <a href="" title="Display Pagerank" target="_blank"> <img src="" alt="Display Pagerank" style="border:0;" /></a>
  8. puurchoco47

    My Portfolio Site

    It doesn't load for me?
  9. puurchoco47

    14 wordpress magazine theme sports, wordpress revolution sports theme

    WP-London Olympics is my personal favorite.
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    What do you believe is Area51?

    Interesting replies so far! Keep them coming
  11. puurchoco47

    What do you believe is Area51?

    I think its a secret military installation. That storages stuff that shouldn't be known by existence to the public and researches to the question if there is other alien life. And if so encountering it, keeping it secret and hidden.
  12. puurchoco47

    My First Facebook Application !

    looks very nice!!!
  13. puurchoco47

    Hi guys, I'm sousui!

    Hey welcome on board!
  14. puurchoco47

    Osama Bin Laden is dead!

    Its good news!
  15. puurchoco47

    Please do a visit on my Blog site :)

    I get access denied for it has a virus!
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    welcome on board!
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    Review my 1 of a type site, the only of its kind on the whole net?

    I'm the owner and founder Max Pen. And with what I mean from nothing is when you install a wordpress site and visit it its nothing. After many months it can become something regardless of its template being free or paid or custom made by you. Because the template is jus the presentation of...
  18. puurchoco47

    Review my 1 of a type site, the only of its kind on the whole net?

    Hello, I have built a interviewing site from nothing to what you see now: Our community: Feedback is always welcome and helps us to improve further. I'm not sure this is the right place to post this but I did just hoping I'm...
  19. puurchoco47

    need help regarding content

    I don't think it would be possible.
  20. puurchoco47

    Do You like Waffles?

    Of course I like them I'm Belgian!