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    Linux web and mail server

    CentOS seems to be popular for servers, as well as Ubuntu Server edition... Also heard good things about OpenSUSE servers. I would say just use a XAMPP or LAMP (apache) based server on them, since I believe both have support for mail server as well. Lighttpd seems to be an alright choice as...
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    Whats The Last Game You Bought?

    I just bought Skyrim two days ago! :D Very fun game, IMO.
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    Can't view a folder on my site as raw file list

    Okay, that makes sense. I think I'll just use a .php file to build the list. It would have been nice if support would have just explained that the first time I asked. >.>
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    Can't view a folder on my site as raw file list

    Obviously x10hosting support doesn't care, so I'm going to ask the users. Okay, normally you can go to, say, I could before on a site I had hosted with x10hosting with a free domain. Now when I go to view it as a directory to see a files list, I get the "404 not found" error...
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    Free Software Suggestions

    You should check this out: I posted about it in the forum. Software Category: Bulk program installer? Software Name: Ninite Short Description: Bulk program installer for Web Browsers, Messaging, Media...
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    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Same here. I rented it for a few days to test it, but I want to buy it now. I like how the different races have distinct features now- in Oblivion they looked almost all the same with different skin colors. Needless to say, they did an excellent job with the details, textures, etc. :D
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    Can't view folder as a directory list.

    Why can't I view a folder directory listing from the browser? That is. Index of /files I have free hosting with a free domain (not that it should matter). I was able to do this before by just putting the folder name in the URL. Example:, but now I'm getting x10hosting's 404...
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    Does x10hosting also supply domain registration?

    Okay, thank you for the information. :)
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    Does x10hosting also supply domain registration?

    A domain does not come with a one year registration though? I don't see a mention of it anywhere. Maybe I am overlooking it somewhere? Also, I think I put this in the wrong section. Sorry.
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    Does x10hosting also supply domain registration?

    I looked in the FAQ and did not see this specific question. I am curious, if I were to upgrade to an x10hosting premium user, does this include domain registration with a .com, .net, .org or other TLD, or will I still have to register a domain name elsewhere?? Thank you in advance.
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    Tutorial: PHP/MySQL Membership System

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    Windows or Linux?

    I keep reading and seeing the same recurring statements- with users saying that Linux is only good for server/hosting based usage... We are not talking about Unix. Any OS can host a server, and Unix based systems generally are durable servers, that doesn't mean it has no other usage. Linux is...
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    Tutorial: PHP/MySQL Membership System

    This is a great tutorial, but I'm new to the concept of connecting PHP to a MySQL database... What do you do with that first part for the database??
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    What do you believe is Area51?

    An Airforce base that is supposedly secret and the government isn't supposed to acknowledge that it exists... Even though you can see it from a hill or overview. SJ.Wolfe took the words right out of my mouth, so to speak.
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    Windows or Linux?

    That's subjective and untrue. Only major applications like Photoshop or Windows Media Player are incompatible with Linux because they're specifically made for Windows and/or Mac. However, there are alternatives. Thus,\ And the interface in any given Linux distro can be...
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    Windows or Linux?

    That's not entirely true... Windows is definitely user friendly, but if you know the distinction between the Windows and Linux you should be able to use Ubuntu, Mint, Pinguy OS, Puppy Linux, Suse, Fedora etc. etc. They have some pretty user friendly Linux distros, you just need to get used to them.
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    Which linux distribution is more stable?

    Yes, I would suggest people use Ubuntu or other Debian variants if they are new to Linux... Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu, so is Pinguy OS. Xubuntu is basically Ubuntu with a different desktop environment (uses XFCE not GNOME) and is intended for older systems with low processing...
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    Good Old Games

    Two words: MORTAL KOMBAT!! ;) Also, for those of you who have a PlayStation 3, the classic Medal of Honor game "Frontline" has been digitally remade and you can download it from PSN (not for free). Just thought I'd mention that because that's a classic.
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    Ninite - Bulk Installer

    BUMP Aww, no replies?
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    I think we need a leader that will defend us from Israelis. Simply put, Israel has attacked the U.S. before, AIPAC sends all of our money to Israel in foreign aid, and they commit espionage against the U.S. for profit more than any other nation. As Kinley3 stated, we need to get our own...