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  1. lostcommander

    Question about upgrade to premium

    Hello. I have really enjoyed x10's free hosting service for some time now, and it has worked great for the tinkering I have done so far. However, I am looking to host a portfolio of web work at the moment. I do not expect more than a trickle of traffic, and x10's premium hosting has the uptime...
  2. lostcommander

    MySQL databases missing, need restore please

    cPanel and PHPMyAdmin both say I have no databases or database users (and there used to be some). I am on Stoli. I can provide more information if necessary. Thank you very much for your time and help.
  3. lostcommander

    File formatting issue???

    So, this is part of my now 3 week bout of trouble with a broken website and strange errors and stranger underlying issues. For those who are tired of seeing these, thank you for your patience. Hopefully whoever next has these issues can have a solution instead of needing to put up with this...
  4. lostcommander

    Server files' domain(s) question

    If we have a parked domain, how can we tell which domain our files are in/under? Do we need to do anything since the recent data center move to re-identify domains? I am asking these questions because I had phpBB + WordPress + WP-United installed and working a month ago and have had to...
  5. lostcommander

    WordPress "Fatal error: Cannot redeclare"

    A couple times in the past few weeks I saw my site up and THOUGHT the whole moves and updates etc. stuff was finished and so continued working on the site, so I am not sure how much that might have caused this. #1) I first ran into: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare wp_unregister_globals()...
  6. lostcommander

    Free Stoli-hosted site still down after MySQL updates. Ignore if this is a known issu

    First, I want to apologize if you are already aware of some problem with the free sites as I know x10 has done an incredible amount of work over the past couple weeks and I am sure things will get straitened out with time. Otherwise, I wanted to let you know that my site is still inaccessible...
  7. lostcommander

    Erroneous Account Suspension?

    My account was suspended yesterday for "high system resource usage". I see no signs that this could have been the case. My site is still suffering from a severe lack of traffic, has used almost no bandwidth this month, and has no CRON jobs or any other automated scripts. The virus check said no...
  8. lostcommander

    Dealing with NULL in MySQL Query

    Short Version: Is there some way to get a single integer value out of a set of columns when it is known that all but 1 will be null? I have tried simply adding them with +, and SUM, MAX, MIN, etc. all only work with GROUP BY stuff. e.g. (tableB.valueX + tableC.valueY) AS value...
  9. lostcommander

    How to Automatically Update MySQL Data?

    One of the things my site allows users to do is bid in an auction using points. The system works fine, but I have to manually "finish" each auction. After the close time of an auction, I go to an administration page and press a button to generate a transaction (including the final subtraction of...
  10. lostcommander

    Getting '0' results from MySQL COUNT()

    I have a table with a timestamp column. I would like to get the count of the number of rows in the table corresponding to each of the past 7 days. My problem is that I get no row if there are none, instead of {[date], 0}. Can anyone provide me with a clever solution to this? Current MYSQL...
  11. lostcommander

    Positioning and Arrangement using CSS

    Hello. I am relatively new to CSS and am trying to rework my site so all the formatting is in CSS. Currently the page layout is done using tables, but it is not quire working correctly because the widths are not correct. I would like the header/top of the page to be logo, banner over tabbed...
  12. lostcommander

    PHPBB3 User Session Integration

    Hello and thank you for reading this! This is REALLY strange to me and I am quite lost at this point as to what might be happening or why. Background: I am trying to integrate MediaWiki, PHPBB3, and some of my own coded pages into a single, unified site, using a single session controller and...
  13. lostcommander

    mysql_query(select) result improperly empty

    // Connect to the database. $dbconn = mysql_connect('localhost',$user,$password); if (!$dbconn) { die('DB connection failed: ' . mysql_error()); } $dbselection = @mysql_select_db($database); if (!$dbselection) { die('DB selection failed: ' . mysql_error()); } // Get the list of s from...
  14. lostcommander

    PHP mysql_query failure

    Okay, I've been beating my head against this for too long and I don't see anything either wrong with my code or of use in searching the forums. I'm sorry as I'm sure this is either a typo or programmer error (e.g. mixing string concatenation . vs + earlier - wrong language, dur...) on my part...
  15. lostcommander

    mod_rewrite outside of public_html?!? & dir hiding

    I am trying to hide a directory using mod_rewrite such that: visitor asks for mysite.tld/dir/anyfile.ext visitor gets redirected to mysite.tld/anyfile.ext I tried to do this through .htaccess and mod_rewrite using: RewriteRule ^dir/{1}(.*)$ $1 [R] Unfortunately, what this is doing is...