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    Can't transfer credits

    Thanks for your reply. It's rather disappointing that I've been sitting on my credits for ages and they are now effectively worthless.
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    Can't transfer credits

    I'm trying to transfer credits to another user but get this message: 'Transferring of this currency has not been configured' Can it be fixed? Thanks
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    .htaccess redirect subdomain help please

    I don't want the subdomain to exist as I am limited on the number I can have. Thanks anyway.
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    .htaccess redirect subdomain help please

    I was using a subdomain: but I have deleted it now and would like it to redirect to: I googled for hours for examples but nothing seems to work, even though it seems like it should be easy. Can anyone help with telling me exactly what...
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    CPanel and Mysql down--email too

    Seems to be fixed now :)
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    What's with the annoying hidden adverts?

    I see, a clever ploy to entice people to log-in ;) I've just realised I haven't seen them before as I used to be logged in all the time as it's so great here :biggrin:
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    What's with the annoying hidden adverts?

    Using Opera and Firefox I have misaligned adverts apppearing on mouse-over of the margins in the forums, but they don't appear in IE. I find them really annnoying and wouldn't mind if they stayed visible all the time, or just weren't there, or at least were lined up properly! Anyone else think...
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    Not allowed to post in Feedback and Suggestions!?

    Admin please help - for some reason I don't have permission to post in the Feedback and Suggestions section, even though I have posted in there before. Anyone know what's going on? :dunno:
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    Premium Hosting

    Is that link still usable - it seems to be only way of finding the $20 package?
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    How to re-use an RSS feed?

    Thanks for your help. There was a problem with an '&', but it doesn't matter now as I've gone off the idea :)
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    How to re-use an RSS feed?

    I guess the answer is No...:dunno:
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    How to re-use an RSS feed?

    I have access to an RSS feed, (eg www.booksgo' that I want to make available at I don't want the url to re-direct, I want the feed to be imported somehow and on the x10 server at Is that sort of thing...
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    Advertising Competitors

    Google says: 'You can block competitive ads, or other ads you want to keep off your site, simply by telling us which URLs to block.' Surely it would be easy to find a list of free hosts and then block them? Not a perfect solution of course.
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    Twitters automated followers & automated cash

    It works by you paying them money to begin with, :laugh:, and I expect that like most pyramid schemes it works for those that start it... :naughty:
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    Credits for suggestions on my site

    Thanks for the credits :)
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    Credits for suggestions on my site

    No. The viewer needs to focus on the content, not be distracted by a great-looking background....IMO :)
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    Anyone tried Google Chrome?

    There's also Iron without Google's chrome 'spyware':
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    Credits for suggestions on my site

    The links to Saint Peter's Church, Wellesbourne aren't much use as the site is password protected. Rather a bad advert.
  19. B security certificate?

    I've reported the problem to Opera, let them figure it out :)
  20. B security certificate?

    Maybe something to do with this stunnel thing, whatever that is?!