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    Majestic Website

    Site Name: Majestic Website URL: [removed by majest13] Description: General discussion community Aspects for review: Forum
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    Blog slow

    The WordPress blog on my website is sometimes slow to load. Blog URL: Website:
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    Redirect old domain to new domain

    I had a domain on my old account, how do I get the old domain to redirect to the domain on the new account. I created a new account (and deleted old account) when I had a database error on the old account. Old domain: New domain:
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    [Bug] ModSecurity is in the cPanel

    I found ModSecurity in the cPanel, it can also be turned on and off. Server: XO4 Also found xVarnish Caching and Security; when clicking on it, I get 404 error.
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    Website builder layout problems

    Link: I click publish in the website builder. The layout of the Contact and Ban Appeal pages are messed up: It should look like this:
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    Can't connect to website It says took too long to respond. This only happens on my website. My website is on the x04 server.
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    Error 500

    I'm getting error 500 on my forum.
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    MyBB Username Panel not working

    Forum Link: Forum Software: MyBB 1.8.7 When I click my username on my forum, it does nothing. It should have a dropdown menu with links to user cp, admin cp, logout. Here is the code in header_welcomeblock_member: <div class="user_menu"> <ul>...