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    subdomain redirection to mail

    thx. closed problem
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    subdomain redirection to mail

    hmmm.. seems to work with google chrome but with firefox not.. tx
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    subdomain redirection to mail

    nobody ?
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    subdomain redirection to mail

    Hello all, I am trying to add a subdomain for my domain name for email. So i added to redirect it to but it doesn't work. It keeps going to Any advice on how to fix this ? TY
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    What is your job?

    I'm an engineer and work in a recycling company. Cheers
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    Which Web Browser you like most?

    Firefox here long time ago used opera also
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    Unable to login to cpannel

    Hello, i wanted to check my email and it redirected me to HEre i can't see any chapeter to enter so i wanted to login to cpannel. Here i can see the chapter but after trying to login i got this error: Sorry, we are not able to accept cPanel logins from your ASN or...
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    Error when trying to acces the email

    things work now, thanks Hell :wink:
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    Error when trying to acces the email

    After i login with the and password, and select squirrelmail, i am getting this error. ERROR: ERROR: Connection dropped by IMAP server. Also in the email accounts i`m not seeing the email account. On horder i get this error A fatal error has occurred DB Error: connect failed...
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    Website not working

    Hello, I am new on x10hosting, yesterday i signed up and everything worked like a charm. Today when i tryed to open my web ( ) i got this: "The page you are looking for is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. " Also the subdomain has the same result...