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    Message: "Your IP is blacklisted" - unable to open Control Panel

    Thank you for fixing it. I don't understand what you mean by "Please ensure you are using the correct credentials when connecting the server...". The only credentials I ever use are what I use to login at and I've always been able to login there without error...
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    Message: "Your IP is blacklisted" - unable to open Control Panel

    I'm trying to open DirectAdmin on my account. After logging in to x10hosting, I click on the "Hosting Control Panel" login, and instead of opening DirectAdmin (like it normally does), the following is displayed: Your IP is blacklisted I don't know...
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    Failed to create login token: key creation failed.

    I'm getting the same error. Please fix mine too. Site username: pausatfx @ x15 Thanks very much!
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    Important An error has occurred forwarding your sign in.

    I get the following message when clicking on the link to open cPanel. Sign in Successful Please standby while transfer you to your web hosting account. An error has occurred forwarding your sign in. Retry I know other people are getting it too. I'm posting this in case fixing it requires...
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    php curl error after migration: "OpenSSL SSL_read: Success"

    In cases anyone else has this problem, here is the solution I found: Using my websites DirectAdmin interface, I was able to change the PHP version to one that had a different version of cURL. Steps were: From DirectAdmin interface => "Extra Features" => "Select PHP Version". When initially...
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    My site is super slow now, often times out - any link to view system status?

    My site is super slow now, even loading a small html page (no database connection) often times out. I have not been having this problem in the past and other sites are working fine with my browser. Any suggestions for what is causing this or what can be done to fix it? Is there a link to see...
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    php curl error after migration: "OpenSSL SSL_read: Success"

    Thanks for restoring the databases after the migration. My website is almost working. Except that now, a php script that worked before and uses curl returns the following error: "OpenSSL SSL_read: Success" I found a website saying that this problem is caused by cURL 7.67.0...
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    Databases deleted x15

    My database (named "pausatfx_paphp") is also gone. Hope they get it restored soon. .
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    The MySQL server is currently offline.

    I'm having the same problem with the MySQL database server for my website. I don't think it's related to the theme. It's been working for a long time and tonight, the problems just started. Plus, I tried changing the theme and that didn't help. I get the same error. The error my website...
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    Wordpress "Error establishing a database connection"

    I'm also seeing a problem. My custom PHP script that uses a MySQL database gives an error: Warning: mysqli::mysqli(): (HY000/1040): Too many connections ... Failed to connect to MySQL: (1040) Too many connections Plus, I'm not able to open phpMyAdmin from the c-panel.