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    Account Suspended: No reason???

    Hi there, My account has been suspended and there is no reason given. I reviewed the terms and services and I am not violating any of them. I don not have any crons, nor do I have an scripts running, nor do I host any warez or files that are not related to my web development... Any insight...
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    what is your favourite online game?

    I have been hooked on Combat Arms for the past year or so now.
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    Mac or PC

    Windows box for me. Running the 7 rc at the time being, and couldn' t be happier. Being in an industry that is seemingly 'dominated' by macs, I can't understand why. There is absolutely ZERO advantage in using a mac over a pc nowadays. I'm also sick of hearing (everyday) "The OS is just Sooo...
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    Combat Arms

    there was a thread about this, but it is gone. I agree. In the way of free online fps, this is top notch. Very addicting... so much, I got my girlfriend into it when she used to complain about me playing it. Now, I can't even get on my own computer anymore :P my ign is Westicle I'll add you!
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    OMG...all of you should read this!

    Interesting. I was beaten to the coworker one though :) Cows are tasty. End of story! :D
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    Take a look at the design of my online portfolio & blog

    I would say, so there are no gaps, do not slice it up with the slice tools and save as html document straight from Photoshop. Familiarize yourself with css formatting and the possibilities are pretty grand. You can pretty much save the images from your design individually, and then just use css...
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    Take a look at the design of my online portfolio & blog

    I agree with you, that copying directly is unoriginal, but there's nothing wrong in attempting to interpret a theme slightly differently, or add your own flair to it. I also agree with your points, but... "Be original" is a bit of a stretch because there's everything that has been done. I would...
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    Take a look at the design of my online portfolio & blog

    Looks neat! I've been digging the desk layouts lately, I've even done one for myself(kinda similar, minus desk texture) Take a gander(Still in test phase, as I've only been able to work on it for a little while) I am excited to see yours as a web...
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    how to achieve a cross browser compatible webdesign ?

    Amen. Best way to do it. There are no shortcuts, people!
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    Post your specs

    Desktop: Asus P5QL Pro mobo (Asus P5N-32 Sli Deluxe just died on me a couple weeks ago) Intel Pentium D 2 x 2.8ghz Socket 775 2 gb Kingston DDR2 667 ram Asus Geforce EN8400GS video 2 x Compaq 17" 7550 crt monitors running at 1600 x 1200 (UGH) Need new monitors! 160gb ide + 320 gb ide HDD's...
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    What do you do on the computer?

    Work: Web Design and Development Graphic Design Check/Write corporate emails Surf Home: Web Design and Development Graphic Design Video/Audio Editing(Currently recording for the RPM challenge) Gaming Surfing Watching Movies/Listening to music Pretty much, run of the mill...
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    php question

    Backed! I started learning ASP, and then went out of the field of work for a while. Got back into coding, never knew a lick of PHP. w3schools and were great helps. Also, google up some tutorials on different areas of interest, to get an idea on how certain things are done.
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    Anyone here using Paypal?

    PayPal is great! I use it to buy stuff off the internet. Whatever it may be, and wherever I can use it. Just bought a IDE to SATA adapter, Guitar Capo and a Meshuggah (Destroy. Erase. Improve) cd with it. Great for online buying! I usually do my shopping at and eBay.
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    Lego Building, Destroying, Explosives, Multiplayer?

    I cannot wait to play this! It looks totally sick! I miss Legos! They were the best toys ever!
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    Error when logging in

    I still have the same issue as well!!! my username is vperlin and my address is
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    Account Backend Non-Retreivable?

    Thank you! Haha I shall send in a ticket then.
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    Account Backend Non-Retreivable?

    Hey guys, I don't know if this belongs here, but, when I log into the website(not the forums), I get this error message. "An Error Has Occurred Although you've logged in successfully, there was an error retrieving your account's hosting type from the backend system. Please post on our forums...
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    Anybody play Combat Arms?

    yeah, i've also been having the same trouble. they should getting the Messenger working again. I miss the "Join Users Game" option. Also, seems like the place has gone to hell. I've been playing a lot lately, and everyone room I enter, is hackers. Aimbotters to be specific. I like how they...
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    Whats your life goal?

    My life goal(s)... -Live respectfully well(not in debt, own house, car, etc) -Own a Nissan Skyline (dont care which one, but I would love the R34 or Godzilla) -Start and play in a band that lasts longer then a few months -Meet and Jam with the Members of Meshuggah :P
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    How much RAM do you have?

    Running 2gb on the Desktop Running 2gb on the Lappy I find I dont really need anymore then that(video editing goes quite smoothly with multitasking as well), but being the nerd I am, I want more :D haha Who doesn't?! :P