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    Just wanted to say thanks.

    My account has been great. It's always up. That's all.
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    Registering: Why do you need my address?

    Well, I recommend X10 to a good friend of mine today. He went to register; apparently now you guys require a phone number and home address to register? Why is that? I can't imagine you need to know someone's personal stuff like that to host them.
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    Forums Down.

    My Forums aren't working alot recently, but the rest of my website is. Is this related to the SQL Problems that are going on? Thanks -K
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    Strange Error with My Forums.

    mySQL error: Too many connections mySQL error code: Date: Wednesday 27th of July 2005 09:31:09 AM My website,, works, however. Anyone know what's going on?
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    Account Suspended? What!? Had Ads on forums, and 75% of pages, but last 25% would've gotten ads this week ---- website JUST went up and was getting revisions (incl. ads) I can get them up ASAP once my account is unfrozen. ALSO --- How much $ a year is it to get rid of the ads on corp? Do you...
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    Transferring my X10 Account....?

    If I buy a domain, can I transfer my X10 Corporate hosting account to it? (Right now I've got a subdomain...)
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    .tk Subdomains

    I was wondering if anyone might know why they never work for me...? I don't know if it has to do with my settings or something, but I've never been able to access .TK subdomains. :S
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    I'm looking at buying a domain, anyone recommend/know the best place to get one from? Price is a big factor.
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    Photoshop CS2

    Anyone used it? Is it worth the upgrade from CS1?
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    I was looking at the shop thing, and you can buy a it a domain of your choice, or like a leftover domain?
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    How old are you?

    15 right here.
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    Not about my account persay, but how does one achieve 'points'?
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    Hey, I'm Kirstyn....and umm..yeah. haha.
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    Website...I'm working on

    Starting working on this, I'm not sure if I want to continue or not. It's for
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    Forza Motorsport

    Anyone here play it? I got it not too long ago, and LOVE it. Level 36, right now. :grin: