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    You wouldn't steal a CD...

    There are different levels of stealing... One cannot say that stealing is stealing. There is a difference between someone swiping someones heirloom necklace that is irreplaceable and will cause heartache for the loss then someone swiping some jewelry from a store where it is written off their...
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    Why is Blizzard trying to phish my account?

    If you check the actual email address of who its from you will see its not from blizzard and thats just what they put to display as the sender and the reply address or they used an email spoofer.
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    Global Warming: fact or fiction?

    To that pitiful little us can actually change the planet for good or worse is quite an egotistical thing as a race. A volcanic eruption or undersea earthquake can easily put out more greenhouse gases in a week then the human race has put out altogether.
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    bandwidth query

    10 gigs.
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    Direct X 11 Graphics Cards

    When a major release of Direct3d comes out its usually a few years until game developers are whole heartily using it since it takes about 2+ years to develop a game and they usually won't start adopting new things right in the middle. Games that are using game engines (such as Unreal) usually...
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    Happy birthday AdamParkzer!

    Happy Birthday!
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    gdiplus.dll Server Error

    Make sure the app.config file is named "yourappname.dll.config". I haven't been able to find a compiled 64bit version of (linux peeps compile it themselves) to try putting it in the directory which should work. Maybe putting the whole path to would work but I have...
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    Mono Error

    The mono releases and the .net releases no longer correspond. Mono as of version 2 supports Linq to Xml and mono 2.6 support alot more of .net 3.5 features. In order to not get that error you need to make sure you have something like this in your web.config file. <compilation...
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    I think I got the BlogEngine working but got a suspension for high resource usage. I think it was still running when I clicked unsuspend since it autimattically resuspended me with my third suspension skiping the second. type date reason for action suspension 7:39 pm You have been...
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    Looks good, I like the translation from the dragon knight engine. Might be worth taking a look into after its finished. One thing.. I see a chat box in a screenshot... Chat scripts are against the terms of service here since they have high resource usage. Anyways welcome...
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    ASP.NET or PHP These pages do a good job of comparing them. I use asp .net simply because I know the .net languages better then I know php. If you don't know how to code in either .net or php I suggest using php since it is easier to...
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    gdiplus.dll Server Error

    Hmm... I wonder then if that error was the server for me as well... Would be a bummer after I scrapped that page and am creating one by hand....
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    gdiplus.dll Server Error

    That error is caused by a reference to System.Drawing in a Asp. Net applications. Since the server is a linux server running mono there is no Gdiplus. In mono there is a file that has its functions mapped just like gdiplus.dll but a mapping must be added to the...
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    New to this forum

    I agree... and welcome!
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    Server type and it's OS

    It's actually a linux based hosting with using mono. It supports 3.0. If you are wanting to run something with a precompiled assembly though you will probably run into problems.
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    Quick Question

    I can't see why not... Also with a few click installation in cPanel with softaculous is Crafty Syntax Help center live HESK osTicket ExoPHPDesk phpSupport Open Web messenger phpOnline all similar to livezilla
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    My Appearence In x10Hosting

    welcome arktv29
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    What will be the key in web development this year 2010

    I don't think that it will happen this year but i do believe the future of the web is client side distributed applications. When server side stuff came around it was back when people had really slow computers and very limited bandwidth. Now bandwidth is huge and computers are ultra fast. With...
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    Asp .net question

    Sorry I forget sometimes not everyone is a programmer... I actually was hoping someone knew something about the configuration of the hosting server that could help. As far as I'm concerned the issue is solved and you can't load a .net or mono assembly that references system libraries on here...
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    Hello everyone!! can we use silverlight?

    Hey, Silverlight is very easy to install as an addon and can be served from an apache server.. You might not want to do any streaming video though since it will eat your bandwidth and may be cause to get you suspended for high resource usage. The other thing is to try and stick to the...