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    Can't sign up for new a hosting account.

    Ok. Is there any chance of removing my accounts (forum & user cpanel) perminantely? I would like to remove all my accounts perminantely from forum & user cpanel. These are my accounts: forum account: barez forum account: aligator...
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    Can't sign up for new a hosting account.

    Hi, An older account of mine was removed as the result of inactivity. Now as I try to sign for a new hosting account I get this "error": Due to continued abuse from your country of origin we have currently disabled signups. Please try back at a later date. I tried at a later date but with no...
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    Server is slow

    Hi, guys I'm having troubles this slowness. Could our server be a little faster? PS. Thanks for allowing SEO URLs!:tongue: tnx!
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    how do you guys think about the mafia II

    Hhmm.... I haven't tried it yet :tongue:
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    MySQL database missing & phpMyAdmin is broke

    Same problem here! I cannot even create new ones! I don't now what have happend to x10hosting. It's very slow!:(
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    Speed problems :(

    Hi! Problem solved. Thanks! Does your host support SEO links anymore ? Because before you did support it but now you don't.
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    Speed problems :(

    Hi, x10Hosting team. Congratulation for successful movement!:smile: I'm having speed problems with Cpanel. Cpanel is very slow, especially PhpMyAdmin. I've clicked on PhpMyAdmin 8 minutes ago and yet it hasn't fully loaded. Any advices? Thanks!