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    My Graphic Design Site

    In his Signature.
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    My Gaming Forum

    Check it out and tell me what you think.
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    My Website

    It hurts my eyes it's so blue, maybe smooth it down a bit?
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    First time here

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    Please Unsuspend my account

    I am to but i come on the forum every week and post whats going on ? 915FF42DEC
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    Sup ... back

    I might be, but hello or welcome back.
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    Website creation

    Why waste time in notepad when theres dreamweaver, its like debating driving to work or walking.
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    I`m a vegan, i do it for health reasons of course and animals not dieing also just because your a vegan doesn't mean you eat grass and tofu, theres a lot of normal food we can eat Pizza Cake Spaghitta And so on Also i hate when people say this, its so stupid your not a vegan or a vegetarian...
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    Yes its not there it still brings me to x10hosting
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    Instead of going to joomla it goes to the x10 starter page still ?
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    DJs Needed!

    Your website doesn't load brings me to my search engine
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    Starlight Gaming!!

    Why such old games, Grand Theft Auto vice city.
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    Earn $63 Monthly

    If it was so easy every one would do it, they make it impossible by giving you 1 cent per click and limit you to 5 a day.
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    I am back - lol

    Welcome back, i guess.
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    Resident Evil 5 Impressions

    I hated the fourth one because of aw full camera angles and it was impossible to turn around But i like the idea of the desert, and Co oP those be some juicy features there.
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    Is Google a "She" or a "He"?

    I didn't know google was a person, Google is every where though Mail Search Shopping videos Soon to be operating system images Maps And many more.
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    Site review

    A little to simple for me it doesn't even look like a game blog/website, very good reviews must of took you a long time. i really like the menus, how they appear.
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    how to put ads in forum

    How would you make ads randomly appear between posts.
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    Count to 1 Million

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    Hi New to x10

    Welcome, go to the forum every 14 days or pay 3.00$ a year