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    Answer with question??

    why would I care?
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    Peanut Butter

    OMG, pic so
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    My site is not being updated.

    I can't really understand what you mean... You said you deleted and now you are complaining that you can't access? Of course they disappeared...
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    Unreasonable suspension

    The domain I am talking about is I am paying for my hosting and it was suspended for no reason whatsoever.... I didn't got any priuor message before suspension was initiated... Suspension Reason: Phishing, malicious material I have no idea about this thing...
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    Unreasonable suspension

    I am very disappointed to what happened with my account. I lost hundreds of dollars because of your baseless claim... Whoever decided this to suspend my account is a total idiot and dumb... Look, if you are thinking that I am collecting money from other people for nothing, you have to...
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    Reasons why people fail to make money online

    Too much innovation sometimes got bad results.... better stick to old but working strategies..
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    Reasons why people fail to make money online

    There are so many reasons why people are not making money online even though some of them have been online for a while. Some are the most common reasons. 1. Keep reading ebooks and keep discovering something without focusing on specific thing. 2. Registering a lot of domains and later on...
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    How many times you check your facebook account everyday?

    Let's see. I check every couple of minutes when I'm online and doing something...
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    Most free hosting are banned by google... but not x10

    I know 2 of the biggest free host provider and google just don't index my sites hosted on them.... Have you experienced like this? Google won't accept sitemap....
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    New, odd email

    I thought at first time it was from nigeria.. lol
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    WordPress Help

    I think you need to ask from some webdesign and programming forums...
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    The savage beauty of nature

    Nice video.. :)
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    No phone verification CPA program

    Joining in CPA program is a little bit difficult nowadays but there are other good CPA programs that does not require phone verification. I just found out recently that one of the best CPA programs does not require phone verification... It might be helpful to some of you who wanted to make money...
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    Most free hostings are blocked by google...

    Free hosting is just for students and for some web developer who tests websites.. If you need reliable hosting, you need to pay for it...
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    Most free hostings are blocked by google...

    I said SOME... I never said ALL... try again
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    Most free hostings are blocked by google...

    Based on my own experience, most free hostings are blocked by google and that includes some servers of x10... In the last 2 years, I tried more than 20 free hosting providers and at least 50 of them had sitemap rejected by google for some reason... I never has any problem with my paid...
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    Multiple websites allowed

    Thanks a lot.. I registered 2 very good domains with cc and will start working with them tomorrow..
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    Multiple websites allowed

    For example, my site is Can I add 3 more subdomains under my account like,, and Thanks a lot.. Raden PS: I tried several free hosting and I would like to commend x10hosting for excellent service.
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    Multiple websites allowed

    Does x10 allow multiple websites/hosting accounts for a single user? Thanks
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    How many additional addon domains

    What is the ideal number of addon domains can I have under my main domain? Currently, I am running 54 blogs separated on 2 hosting account/providers. These blogs are hosted only under 2 main accounts... IO am doing this to save individual hosting costs and to avoid a lot of logins.. Any advise...