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    Cannot use CPanel

    I've been doing a project for my school, and frustratingly enough I have not been able to start the php portion, as my CPanel NEVER WORKS EVER. I'm on Lotus and it always lags, and either gives me an error or simply doesn't work. My friend on Chopin is perfectly fine for a similar project...
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    ^>v game

    ^^^^^ - doing it wrong <- knows the second arrow is supposed to point to your username pane v - will probably also get it wrong
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    Latest Update 6/18/09 News Thread Response

    Good news that all will be normal soon. I'm trying to begin writing an MMO in PHP and it is frustrating when FTP uploads take 3 minutes for 200 lines! D:
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    Password protecting directories

    At least, I would uninstall the Frontpage stuff if my cPanel and website were up.
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    PHP Mail() security issues

    I read in another topic that you have to apply to get mail() and some other function unlocked for you. I don't have the link, sorry.
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    Password protecting directories

    First: I'm on Lotus. Second: I don't know anything about htacess files. Thirdly, I'm not using Frontpage but rather writing all my code by hand. I'll try uninstalling them, thanks.
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    Password protecting directories

    It actually tells me that I'm not allowed to password protect things because it's enabled.
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    Password protecting directories

    I want to password protect a directory so only certain people can reach the files I place there. However, when I click the link in cPanel to do so, I get a warning about Frontpage extensions being enabled. Halp?
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    Latest Update 6/14/09 News Thread Response

    My friend on Chopin not only has a 403 error, but he also lost all his files. One of those was a 2330 line PHP game written from scratch. D:
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    Latest Update - News Response

    Lotus appears to be down. My sit's been down for about 6 hours (annoyingly enough while I was fixing syntax errors).
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    Would you give up cPanel for better uptime?

    Assuming cPanel is removed for free accounts, would getting the double everything package put me back with it? Just learned how to use cPanel, somewhat, and a more confusing one would be terrible for me :<
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    Are these updates going to be done by Monday?
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    Pages not updating

    Absolut is listed as 100%, 98% second pass, but my pages still do not update. This project is due Monday and I'm really ****ed if I can't work on it now :/
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    Pages not updating

    Thanks a bunch Anna. Didn't see that thread D: Does this mean that right after I got used to cPanel something new is coming? :(
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    Pages not updating

    I'm on the absolut server and my pages aren't updating when I save them, both with the code editor and the normal editor. The code saves, but the actual display doesn't. Is this a cache issue (I'm on a school computer) or is it a server issue or am I doin' it rong...