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    Fun website to watch Just go there and when the flash finishes loading wait for a few secs for the fun to begin :laugh:, be sure to watch the ending. (even though it looks like a shop it actually isn't)
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    Reverse your age! Although it works, I would imagine a complete is metamorphosis very painful, but it works never the less ;)
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    Domain got changed

    My domain got changed from to can somebody change it back please.
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    Iron Cube Loader

    Can iron cube loader be installed in the servers? It would let me and maybe a lot of other people use source protected scripts.
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    Changing my main domain into

    Hi, Today I purchased a domain and got to grips with name servers, but when I tried to change my main domain from to I got a error saying domain changes are currently disabled. Can anyone help me change it?
  6. D Domain down

    I just want to tell you guys that the domain is down, I think it could be an emergency for people who don't have an addon domain.
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    Website blocked me..

    I think my website blocked me, every time I try to go on it the server refuses the connection. I think I was messing with the permissions to fix community builder when it happened.....
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    Community Builder Configuration doesn't work

    Can anybody help me? Every time I try to use the configuration in community builder (joomla) I get a blank page :eek4:
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    Can't access ftp

    I think ftp is down. Does anybody have a sollution for this?
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    500 internal error not fixed

    I think this error begun a fews days ago, and it isn't fixed yet :( my site is still not working ( can anyboddy tell me the problem and how I can fix it? thanks