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    Unsuspension Request

    that was swift..thank you..
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    Unsuspension Request

    I cant automatically unsuspended my account. Someone help me here.
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    my site is not working

    your site works fine here
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    I can't Login CPanel.

    i just change my cpanel password and it works fine here
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    Cant Login Cpnanel(fris)

    hi, i found useful post about db error issue and it perfectly works thanks anyway
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    DB error helps me a lot.. thank you.. i thought theres no other way to fix this.. thanks
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    Cant Login Cpnanel(fris)

    [solved]Cant Login Cpnanel(fris) Its been a while that my site has been no longer in the web because of database issue.. x10 has now unstable connection, i want to change host.. please let me login my cpanel and backup my files.
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    No website access, no cPanel access

    same problem here.. agree..seems cossacks still down right now
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    cossacks(Fris) still unavailable

    Hi, Good day! The status shows that everything has been restored.. but i still cant access my sites,also my cpanel.. Thanks you.
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    MySQL Errors

    it works,,..thank you so much :wink: