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  1. nchgaming

    Back up issues AGAIN!

    Why is it , that when ever I do an upgrade on my site...and something goes wrong..I can't access the backups!!!??? I've paid for premium hosting, and wish to have this move soon. I tired of the lack of user backup I PAID! I need my site files backed up to Sept 24th, when the...
  2. nchgaming


    Hopefully things will straighten out quickly, but as for me... already blown my plans. I haven't seen a suspension notice yet, but maybe that's because I can't connect to anything. I'm shutting everything down and heading out, and keeping my fingers crossed that when I do get to return..I'm not...
  3. nchgaming


    on the edge of my seat, 'cause I have to run... but was planning on meeting up with one of my staff members, and coodinating through the site. : ( I think the status is only indicating that the server has reset itself (and it can only be refreshed every 5 minutes, so "real time" is a tough...
  4. nchgaming


    the occurance of "too many open connections" has me wondering.... DDoS or SQL server?
  5. nchgaming


    Is it me? or did the server go kookoo again? Upon attempting cPanel log in I got this message: open3: pipe(GLOB(0x41587b0), GLOB(0x3e8d740)) failed: Too many open files in system at line 5760 no clue what it means.
  6. nchgaming

    What happen to the server

    Re: What happen to the server (mini word wall) Nothing is perfect! If it was... I wouldn't have hit the wrong key and WIPED OUT the previous word wall I was almost ready to post. With that said, I think alot of users that posted in this thread will probably be getting a much deserved "shut up...
  7. nchgaming

    What happen to the server

    Trust me when I say that the other servers have had their problems too. Lotus has had many problems in the past, but the server has since been replaced. Over all it has been working VERY nicely, a bit slow at times, but it has been working. The majority of the problems are with people who abuse...
  8. nchgaming

    What happen to the server

    A few minutes ago, my site on LOTUS came back up (slowly) but seemed to be ok... then a few minutes later...gone again (error 500). I can access the cPanel, and it shows the server status as being ok, (high memory usage though) but I no longer have a SQL datbase???? Any input, or does this mean...
  9. nchgaming

    What happen to the server

    From the activity I'm seeing while monitoring the server status page..."", I'd say they're already aware of it and working on it. Refresh it every 5-6 minutes, and you'll see some ports open/closed showing that something is happening. And as stated earlier in the...
  10. nchgaming

    website loading extremely slow...

    I have no idea what a "KB Writer" is but thank you for a very quick response in helping me with a possible understanding of the issue. I was aware of the DDoS attacks, but thought it was against a different server. Either way I will heed the all to over used "The best thing to do would be to...
  11. nchgaming

    website loading extremely slow...

    I've checked the forum...pardon me if I missed something. I've been to my control panel, and cPanel. I've optimized, and reloaded. My site is literally struggling to load. The server status claims to be ok EXCEPT for server load. Could some explain exactly what this means: Server Load26.18 (4...
  12. nchgaming

    I messed up...

    Post no longer needed.
  13. nchgaming

    Upload causes browser to close...?

    I recently had computer problems, and I'm sure this is related to my the recent problems. Maybe it's setting somewhere? I'm baffled... any ideas?
  14. nchgaming

    Upload causes browser to close...?

    Intenet explorer started giving me problems, so I installed FireFox, but the problem still exists. Through the cPanel, File Manager, when I open the "Upload" function, it starts to open, shows the upload "browse", but the ALL of my browser windows close! this is happening with BOTH Internet...
  15. nchgaming

    Backups and You

    Thanks for the update Corey, Does this also apply to the paid servers? Could requesting the ability to do full local backups (have the option installed) on a per request only, even with time of execution restrictions ...Like "This backup operation can only run between X:XX-X:XX...
  16. nchgaming

    Backup Issues

    Being that this is a rather large concern of mine, I'd like to ask for more information about the user controlled cPanel backup we used to have. My understanding is that due to resourse problems that function is no longer available through the cPanel on free servers. Is this available on any of...
  17. nchgaming

    Web site not showing up

  18. nchgaming

    Weird error in forums?

    While navigating the forums, this error turned up: Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: open(/tmp/sess_d00b97c6a86c507af33b27b3c999d70b, O_RDWR) failed: Permission denied (13) in [path]/index.php on line 505 Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session...
  19. nchgaming

    Internal Server Error

    Re: Internal Server Errors Hello Zen-r. Even though this started out about CHOPIN, the following may help.(possibly related) It appeared this morning that both Stoli and Lotus, were both kicking off the same cPanel errors, and that both servers were not cooperating with their users. I've...
  20. nchgaming

    Lotus not working for me?

    Hi guys... Wanted to confirm the same, that I repeatedly have gotten the exact same message for several mornings in a row now (LOTUS). (It's back for the moment) I can't tell much, myself, but it is seeming rather consistent in the way it's overloading. (from day to day) Any ideas? Q...