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  1. engel

    Email annoyances

    I have my email finally set up, and I can send without any disturbances. I can also receive with no problem, but there's just a little annoyance here. The subject of every email that I receive is: [SPAM] [Bayesian][testmode] And then the subject the sender defined. I don't know why the mail...
  2. engel

    Setting Up A FreeDNS Domain

    (This was originally PMed to someone, who suggested that I post it as a tutorial. So, I did.) First, you'll need to set up a domain at FreeDNS. Register, and then click on the Registry link. Here you will find an extremely extensive list of all the domains you can use. Once you find one that...
  3. engel


    Would it be possible to install Subversion on my site? I've found a few other threads about this, but they're all about a year old and do not have any absolute outcomes. Some threads discussed a central SourceForge-like site, but it seems to be down (or was never started, I don't know). Right...
  4. engel

    Referrer Madness

    I just whipped up a PHP thingy. (3 files) It's called Referrer Madness. From the index page: Feel free to visit.. it was really just a test of my skills but it seems that it's gained a bit of popularity :)
  5. engel

    UNI.CC - help!

    I've been trying to set up a UNI.CC domain with DNS, but it hasn't been working. I actually must have configured it somehow on accident. Before, it was giving me an error that the DNS server of UNI.CC was not pointing to my domain, and I had no idea how to change it. But then when I went back...
  6. engel

    WordPress Installation Tutorial

    Hey.. I know some people have had a hard time installing WordPress. Many get impatient, which sometimes becomes a hard-to-handle situation! Here's a down-and-dirty tutorial for installing WordPress. To follow the instructions it is recommended to know how to click your mouse, type, and look at...
  7. engel

    Site Tutorial Forum

    I know we already have a 'Tutorials' forum, but that seems like it's more for making stuff. Why don't we make a forum where people can post tutorials on how to do things with your site, so the same questions are not repeated? For example, there could be a FTP tutorial, Domain tutorial, and...
  8. engel

    Coffee vs Tea

    Do you prefer waking up to a fresh brew of coffee, or a whole cup of tea? All out war, now! Coffee versus Tea!
  9. engel

    Offering PHP/(X)HTML/CSS/JavaScript Services

    Hi, I'm a quite experienced PHP coder and I also know XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I'm new to X10, and trying to gain up some credits... If anyone needs any work done, please don't hesitate to ask!
  10. engel


    Hi, I'm new here to X10Hosting. I've been quite annoyed with the inflexibility of most free hosting sites, but the long feature list and support given here is really great. Finally, I can use .htaccess! :P Thanks so much for letting me create a site, this is what freedom is all about! :) I'll...