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  1. brilliantbro2000

    What do you think about...

    haha, thats funny, I'd add some depth to the television though (the television looks 2-D) I'm also an avid fan of Photoshop :]
  2. brilliantbro2000

    Where are you from?

    Howdy, I'm from San Jose, California, about 40 miles south of San Francisco.
  3. brilliantbro2000

    Do you think Obama will be a good president?

    Nope. i will apologize in advanced for my highly biased views against the democratic party Obama won for obvious reasons, John McCain didn't run a strong enough campaign and was far too passive during debates. The media is horribably biased towards the democratic party and unfairly...
  4. brilliantbro2000

    LCD or Plasma TVs?

    Sure, plasma TVs give a deeper richer picture, but many LCD TVs are coming quite close, and even passing plasmas in the same price range. Plus, do you really need a TV that uses the same amount of power as your refrigerator? LCDs are the way to.
  5. brilliantbro2000

    Battle of the Browsers

    Safari for Windows is a joke, Apple cant design software for windows, [same being said about microsoft for the mac]. Safari for the mac, on the other hand, is by far the fastest browser i have ever used. FF2 and FF3 are just too slow and bloated. I havent tried chrome yet
  6. brilliantbro2000

    Which Operating System do you prefer?

    Mac OS X Leopard is by far the beset OS i've ever used. I've used every windows version since 95 [including the horror that was ME, and the horror that is vista], ubuntu, fedora, and SUSE linux. Mac OS X Leopard hasnt failed me yet since I got my Mac almost a year ago, wheras my windows PC's...
  7. brilliantbro2000

    Wordpress 2.7

    i just got it, and just looked around a bit, i like it.
  8. brilliantbro2000

    Favorite Bond Movie

    With the latest addition "Quantum of Solace," I was just wondering what was everyone's favorite bond movie of all time. One of my favorites is "A View to a Kill" as I do Live in the SF bay area but my all time favorited have to be "Man with The Golden Gun" and "Dr. No"
  9. brilliantbro2000

    Post your favorite quote

    Bond: "Do you expect me to talk?" Goldfinger: "No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die." from the Bond movie Goldfinger
  10. brilliantbro2000

    December 21, 2012...

    haha, thats my friend's birthday, that sucks, honestly, i think nothing is going to happen, sure those are scary, but the truth sounds like its stretched a bit, to emphasize the year 2012. I think they're already smashing atoms, nothing happened yet. solar storms, thank god for atmosphere...
  11. brilliantbro2000

    Song List.

    Time of your life - Green Day [not as bad as it sounds]
  12. brilliantbro2000

    What's your Speed?

  13. brilliantbro2000

    Macbook, Air, or Pro

    my 2.4 GHz macbook fits in a manila envelope too, plus i have an optical drive, 2 usb ports, ethernet ports, twice the disk space, and a faster processor i use a macbook, but id much rather have a macbook over the macbook air...
  14. brilliantbro2000

    Which OS?

    either os x or linux