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    My Environmental Friendly Website

    Dear Visitors, We all know that now is the most important time to make this world aware about our environment. Please take a look at my website I am currently still developing. I look forward to hear about all people here. Regards, Fahad:happysad:
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    Oh, why my CPU usage is going so high

    As referred by Microsoft, if your CPU usage is very high even when you are not doing anything on your computer, then the most probable reason is the vrus. Because viruses take up a lot of CPU resources and puts up a payload on the computer. So, I strongly recommend you to install,update, scan...
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    Hello World! Heros are ordinary people who do extra ordinary things!

    ;)Dear hosting fellows, Good Evening here (as far as the time here is!) I believe with a good idea, and matching skills, One can definitely do wonders on the World Wide Web. One philosopher once said, "I wonder about the nature of the internet, its nowhere and everywhere at the same time"...