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    Add free image hosting to your site

    You can how add image hosting to your site simply by sindicating with us. If you are interested, just go to Xangoose (Link found on my sig) and click on Syndicate. There just copy the code and add it to your HTML page! It would also be appreciated if you also included our link image on your...
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    Rate my Banner

    This is for my image hosting site: Xangoose .
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    It's all happening again

    Is there such thing as a script virus? I upload a file from a user and now i experience the common problem of the commonly-accessed files being deleted. Is there a specific CHMOD value where nothing can "work" to delete the file (ie. turning off execution in some directories) help prevent my...
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    Server too busy?

    Internal Server Error The server is too busy to handle your request. Please wait a few minutes and try again. I cant acces my cPanel.. Is it just me? (Btw i think i found what my problem was, i think i have a virus on my driv. Files are getting deleted again. Will CMODing...
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    [REQ] Logo/Banner Design (2 Needed)

    Making a Logo/Banner, size approx 3x15cm. PSD File must be included. No images for the background please! (it has to be continious) Offering 20 points to make 2 logo/banners. One with the text: Xtreme Images (It is a image hosting service) another one: IT-Unleashed (It's a computer...
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    Download Management Software

    Any of u guys know of anything that you can integrate into your site easy? Something like, where you just add your file, description etc. and it will show up on your site. I'm just thinking of using cutenews and adding links on like that, but seems abit wierd. It has to be...
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    Account Suspended

    cPanel Username: infinate Subdomain: How long your account has been up: 4 Weeks Did you have the ads placed on every page: Yes Why has my account been suspended? It was even checked by Corey himself yesterday and reported that it was OK. I had a public_html problem...
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    Everything deleted in base folder

    public_html files delete itself. All the items (excluding the folders) in my public_html folder was deleted. Anybody else expereiced this probelem, and can my drive be backed up? (about 90Mb worth was there) I have tried re-uploading files into my folder, but an hour later, once again it was...
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    Subdomain not redirecting to index.htm

    After the failed FTP access, will not redirect to automatically. Is there a way to fix thsi?
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    Perpendicular Drive Release

    Toshiba first to reach Perpendicular HD Technology While Seagate and Hitachi may have garnered all the attention surrounding new perpendicular recording technology, which enables hard drives to store more data by standing bits upright, Toshiba has reached the market first. The company on...