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    Is it possible to run asp .net?

    I would like to know whether is it possible to host a web page asp .net in the Absolut server. A complete code sample would be very helpful. Thanks
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    when i buy hosting

    ... euhm... i see that the free hosting isn't rly stable here...if i pay for hosting will i be on a more stable server? and what will the prices be?, and will i be allowed to host underground rap songs?
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    cant upload anything :s

    says disc full but i still have room on my acount... i deleted some stuff but stull wont work
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    how much would i have to pay to have corporate hosting with no ads for a year :cat:
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    my ads not showing s the ad isn't showing :)
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    Site realy slow

    i dont know what the probleme is but my website is realy slow :(
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    ad question

    if you have to scroll down to see the ad will my site get suspended?
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    What ya think? Tell me what you think :)
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    Suspended account

    My accoutn was it got suspended but i didnt had internet connection at the time so i didn't knew ..i had file on that site i needed so i couldn't mail you or anything but some1 told me that i forgot to put ads on so my account got suspended is there anyway i can...