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  1. balaji2u

    Earn $10 to $20 daily - The 100% Legitimate way

    E-Book unconvering $20 a day method Okay now i have prepared a E-book to remove your fears, just PM me get your E-Book no guidance, no need to chat. You can review about the book here if you or any one else want. LOL Yea you guess it well, but this is not any filthy method of PTC,Scams or...
  2. balaji2u

    Earn $10 to $20 daily - The 100% Legitimate way

    I really appreciate you for the clarification. No its not earning to review music. This method can be said as a little easier than that. Let me know if you have any other queries.
  3. balaji2u

    Earn $10 to $20 daily - The 100% Legitimate way

    I have a new method that enables to earn some where between $10 to $20 each day. What are the pre-requisites ? Ability to write in English without grammatical errors. 1 to 2 hours each day(depends on how fast you write) Is this Affiliate promotion kind of thing ? Yes/No, Yes - you can make...
  4. balaji2u

    Social Commenting Exchange -I vote for your links and you do the same

    Hi, I want to exchange Votes on Social Bookmarking sites like Digg, Propeller, Reddit, stumbleupon i have good profile in all these sites and i would gladly vote/comment for your sites once you submitted. What im looking for is long term active people who wish to get lots of traffic from these...
  5. balaji2u

    Funny Animals Sneezing Moments

    See the videos collected from baby animals sneezing If you like it reddit, digg, stumble or what ever you like :)
  6. balaji2u

    Need some moderators for my forums

    you are lazy in giving link to your forum ? there are 3 signatures you have, and yes im lazy to check all the 3 for the one :D
  7. balaji2u

    google Indexed In 3 Days

    Thanks for the information @computerkids,. Shekdev reply is because your post is not structured well. It can be said as, Webpronews is an excellent site to get your site indexed fast. Follow this simple steps, 1.Go to latest posts 2.Use your keyword as your name in comment box...
  8. balaji2u

    Need help Designing a logo

    Try "The Logo Creator" It has lots of good templates. PS: Unless you want a professional non repeated logo.
  9. balaji2u

    Looking for help

    Get a domain name its crucial for having a trade site.
  10. balaji2u

    Free Domain Supplier

    Co.NR is the best i agree, now i dont even consider as they tactically included price option after 1 year :(
  11. balaji2u

    Please review my WP site:

    Wow mate, finally i saw a wordpress theme that is very light, very easy for spiders to crawl and Excellent classic look. Good job done :) Can you tell me which theme it is ? :D
  12. balaji2u

    Review MY SITE

    Over all the site looks good, Too many images makes site looks tough to distinguish. the green,yellow,orange lines above the site name affects the look a bit, considering making it shorter, the dollars from laptop looks very usual as it has been already seen over many sites .
  13. balaji2u

    Help redirecting bad links.

    If you didnt find show hidden files option,just click index.html and choose edit file then in File Edit window you will see the path of the file at the top left something like /home/username/public_html/index.html change it to /home/username/public_html/.htaccess and click OPEN now add the code...
  14. balaji2u

    What's your web design environment?

    I use PHP Designer, rarely Dreamweaver. FileZilla for uploadings, PCLinux as OS for core professional working.
  15. balaji2u

    Link Exchange with PR1 tech blog - haktech

    I'm interested, my blog is let me if you are interested.
  16. balaji2u

    Powerful Offline Advertising for Your Website

    Hi mate, BTW your youtube video says "An error occurred please try again" check it out.
  17. balaji2u

    Review my Genera /blog/site

    The blog looks okay, but i would suggest you to use a wider one, The color is not so catchy.
  18. balaji2u

    Say what? users need to tick a consent form before you can use cookies?

    is cookie that much big deal ? its would be frustrating for me to tick each time. :(
  19. balaji2u

    Guess Who Posts Next

    I guess who sits on his computer without brushing just like me :D
  20. balaji2u

    Roller Coaster Tycoon 3

    Im planning to buy one, is it worth buying ? i read reviews not satisfied what you say guys ?