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  1. Loneua Technologies

    SCSI Problems

    Hey Guys, I have an Adaptec AHA-2940W that supports up to Ultra-160. I want to buy this (When I go to the States) Will it work? Is it backwards compatible? If not then where can I get an Ultra-320 SCSI Adapter for...
  2. Loneua Technologies

    Domain, for Credits!

    Hi Everyone, I need a domain registered for me ASAP, and Corey is not back for a while. I need a .com domain. I am willing to pay 6500 Credits to whoever can get me this domain. You can buy It for 6.95 at GoDaddy and also 5.95 at netfirms. There are coupons everywhere. Thanks All...
  3. Loneua Technologies

    Website Down?

    Hi, I have a website with x10 and it is It is down right now with a 500 internal server error. I have no idea what happened. I did not touch a thing. Any insight on this?
  4. Loneua Technologies

    Site Down

    Hi, My website and has been down for sevral hours. I am on Cossacks. I am not complaining or anything, Just letting you guys know....
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    Check out the NEW Loneua Technologies Community!

    Hey Everyone! I have created the all new Loneua Technologies community. With A LOT of hard work it is finally up and running. Whoever Registers gets 5 CREDITS! The first 2 Guys who become active on the Forums get a free email account Also they get to be Administrators or...
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    Upgrades when you reach milestones in posting

    Hey Guys, I Love you service but here is some constructive criticism. When you reach 250 posts you should get an option: More Diskspace More Email More MySQL Databases Then again at 500 And again at 750. I think we would gain a better amount of active members that way. Just a thought...
  7. Loneua Technologies

    FREE .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO(9000 Credits) | Random Draw Contest

    Hello Everyone, I am holding a contest for the domain of your choice! The prize is as follows, ANY .com, .net, .org, .info (The prize will be awarded as 9000 Credits) The domain will be registered by the Staff here at x10, for whatever you want. .com, .net, .org, .info. The winner will be...
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    Check out the NEW Loneua Toolbar

    Hey guys! We now have an official toolbar. If you want special items (News feeds) PM Me and we can arrange for something. Thanks, Loneua Technologies
  9. Loneua Technologies

    Need Advertising - Will pay in Credits

    I'm in Need of Ad's, I will Pay in x10 Credits! Hello Everyone!, I need to buy some advertisements. I can offer the following to purchase, Text Based Ads (1 Text Link NOT at bottom of page) 5 Years = 600 Credits 2 Years = 250 Credits 1 Year = 100 Credits 3 Months = 25 Credits 1 Month = 10...
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    Hey Guys, I have tried everything, Nothing works and i have a bad feeling nothing will. Can an admin please delete my hosting account and then recreate it under my domain? My account is Loneua Technologies Please dont delete my forum account though.:lockd: Thanks...
  11. Loneua Technologies

    Now it doesnt even work at all!

    Hey guys, I fixed the image problem but now when i try to park my domain this is the error There was a problem creating the parked domain. Show Details Error from park wrapper: is already configured. What can i do at this point, go to and its...
  12. Loneua Technologies

    Main Domain Name

    How do i set my primary domain name to It doesnt work by parking it. Could an admin do it or is there some way i can? Login: loneua Pass: not telling :) Site: to Thanks
  13. Loneua Technologies

    Images not working?

    Hi guys, I am using my new domain For some reason the images aren't working! Any insight on this would be greatly appreciated.
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    Hey Guys, How does the webmail work? If i recieve an email of 10mb is that 10mb taken off my disk space usage and total bandwidth?
  15. Loneua Technologies

    Email Fraud

    Hi Guys, One of my Business Partners (Company) is having a problem and they asked for my help. They are getting spam emails but the thing is that they are getting these emails sent by thier info email address. For Example: From: To: He thinks...
  16. Loneua Technologies

    My Site, Review, Comment and get some credits!

    Hey Guys, I have been seeing alot of people reviewing/asking for their site to be reviewed and so ill ask everyone, can you review my site. All comments welcome, none bashful, if its bad tell me dont say i like it if you absolutely hate it. The mentality behind this website is a business...
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    Great Tutorial On how to build your own PC

    Tips & Techniques For Building Your Own PC Compiled By Our Editors First things first. What do you need to build a computer? Believe us, it's not as complicated as it seems. Let's start with the case. The variety is staggering, with hundreds of styles, shapes and sizes available. We recommend...
  18. Loneua Technologies

    Hello Everyone

    Hi Everyone, I have been looking for a host for my company and well i have found it, you guys are great and helpful. Thanks so much. I was also VERY happy to see that i could win a free domain .com. That would boost my sales by impeckable amounts. (Cant buy one because my credit card doesnt...