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  1. YamiKaitou

    Zero Tolerance

    Your to generous. I would suspend on the first time and terminate on the second.
  2. YamiKaitou

    [REQ][$$] Need a mod made for IPB+IDM

    IPB = Invision Power Board
  3. YamiKaitou

    [REQ][$$] Need a mod made for IPB+IDM

    I have now set a minimun price for this. I will offer at least $10 to anyone who does it. If you would like to take this offer up but find $10 not enough, PM me and we can talk.
  4. YamiKaitou

    [REQ][$$] Need a mod made for IPB+IDM

    Basically, I posted this on Invisionize, but I guess I will post it here as well. Who knows, maybe I will get assistance here quicker than there :) (if you can't view it or it asks to register, tell me and I will post the contents...
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    I actually use Notepad++ for my coding, mainly because it has syntax highlighting
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  7. YamiKaitou

    Lets Settle This Once and For All, What Came first the chicken or the egg?

    Even though I am a Christian, I believe that God is using evolution to make animals. So, I believe that the egg came first.
  8. YamiKaitou

    Diablo 3 or Starcraft 2???

    Starcraft2. I have had it preordered since Jan 31. I never really played the Diablo series, so I can't comment on them. But I am looking forward to SC2
  9. YamiKaitou

    how to get copyright

    As long as you can prove that you are the creator of said item, you hold the copyright for it.
  10. YamiKaitou

    good hosting

    I like this host so much that I pay them to host me :D
  11. YamiKaitou

    Graphing Calculators

    I have the TI84+ Silver. The 83 and 84 are almost identical. Most of the schools around here (grade and college) recommend the 83/84. Never used any other graphing calc though.
  12. YamiKaitou

    MySQL Won't Connect

    The firewall prevents remote MySQL connections
  13. YamiKaitou

    Who likes Frontpage?

    Because real website designers code their pages, they don't use programs that auto generate the code for them. And to answer your topic question, I do not like Frontpage.
  14. YamiKaitou

    How fast is your internet?

    Here is my work one. I am based in Plano, but our IP seems to resolve to Auburn Hills MI. So, I did 2 tests. If I connect to the connection that bypasses the firewalls, I will probably get a faster speed. but since I didn't have access to that connection, I couldn't test it. To MI: To TX...
  15. YamiKaitou

    Game: Ban the Person above you!!!!!!!!!!!

    I ban Smith6612 for being a spammer
  16. YamiKaitou

    New Fast And Furious Trailer

    For those of you who don't like MySpace (or it is blocked at your location), I have extracted the Flash file from their page :)
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    Yes. Work has DSL anyways :) For 1 million would you go fight in Iraq? (not meant to be rude in any way)
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    If I get to pick which computer, yes. For 1 million, would you DDos the FBI network?
  19. YamiKaitou

    How fast is your internet?

    Home: Work: will get later
  20. YamiKaitou

    List of Bulletin Boards

    IPB YaBB You can probably Google some more