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    Help with PhpMyAdmin

    Man,i can help u out! ---------- Post added at 10:35 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:27 AM ---------- I am on facebook. add sobbyking on facebook
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    Need a PHP script for converting URL to image

    Pls,can anyone provide the code for converting http url to image(with explanation)?
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    PHP Script for converting an HTML URL to image

    I need someone to put me through on how to create a php file that does the convertion of any html file or URL to image.Urgency!
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    I am having troubles in my coding

    i have edited those codes and made only php codes alone.... ---------- Post added at 11:37 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:43 AM ---------- Problem Solved!!!I have corrected the issue....
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    I am having troubles in my coding

    please could you pls correct with codes? ---------- Post added at 12:21 AM ---------- Previous post was at 12:19 AM ---------- Even after printing or echoing the data in the first php page,it sounded right.but it is not shown in the second php page when i tried to recall the saved session data...
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    I am having troubles in my coding

    the first php page coding::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ------------------------------------------------- <?php //store the data in session $appdate=date('Y-m-d'); $host="localhost"; // Host name $hostusername="root"; // Mysql username $hostpassword="root"; // Mysql password...
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    I am having troubles in my coding

    appaccept.php <?php session_start(); if(!isset($_SESSION['myusername'])) header("location:http://localhost/irs/login/loginphase.htm");?> <?php if(isset($_POST['Submit'])) { $host="localhost"; $hostusername="root"; $hostpassword="root"; $db_name="jobdatabase"...
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    I am having troubles in my coding

    employerappreceived.php <?php session_start(); if(!isset($_SESSION['myusername'])) header("location:http://localhost/irs/login/loginphase.htm");?> <?php //store the data in session $appdate=date('Y-m-d'); $host="localhost"; // Host name $hostusername="root"; // Mysql username...
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    I am having troubles in my coding

    In one of my pages after the login page,I use some data selected from a database and save them in a session but when i was about calling those data in session at the next page so that I can have those data inserted into another table.It was giving me empty data in the new table.PLSSSSSS help o!
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    Need help on my hosting account

    It's giving me database error.Please urgent help is needed!
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    Help about mySQL

    Check to see if you connecting to the created database and table.
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    Having troubles with my hosting!!

    I need an urgent help as regards the hosting i registered with you.I can't log in and can't access the sites as well.The error code is: Could not be Retrived!
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    Help with linking pages together and images

    Linking pages offline in a php uses the concept of html code only that you will need to do that in such format like this: echo function to call or print the image link and save the page in *.php. If you will developing a dynamic site like php offline,you need a personal web server like...
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    Help on capturing data into a form in php

    I have been able to fetch an array from mysql table and echo it in a php.along with the display,i echo a form to capture data from the display.i plan to transfer the display along into form input but it is displaying.pls,help!
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    help on developing an php-based recruiting sys

    i need sm1 to put me thro on developing a php-based online recruiting sys.i'm having three users in mind.(Job-seekers,Employers,ADMIN).under Jobseeker module,i want it to store d profile info,membership and resumé.d profile info should include username,password,email,photo,mobile no,contact...
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    Need to know integrate a free email to sms gateway

    i have heard ppl using it.d 1 sm1 told ws only restricted 2 usa,canada nd india.anyway thanks for the post.
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    Need to know integrate a free email to sms gateway

    do anyone know of a free international email to sms gateway?I want to integrate into an academic projects for implementation.
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    Php is not running.

    thanks very much!I can now understand you.So,i would need to change the extension to .php
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    Php is not running.

    inside d html file,there r php files d server is nt executing them.i'll try 2 do sm editing 2mrw.