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    Backup Your System

    But drop box - wont that application allow others to view our files?
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    Need to get familiar to this site

    Heya, I have been with x10hosting for sometime now, but haven't used it to full potential. I guess I am still in a learning phase. Any pointers on how to go about this will be great. Also I would like to know if I can use PHP etc with x10hosting.
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    Logo Design

    nice symbol, simple and sober
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    Need help with unsuspension and account activation

    My account has been suspended and is not active any more. I tried logging a request to unsuspend, but I havn't heard from anyone yet. can someone please help?
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    request for unsuspension

    Hi, I know II have unsuspended my account on my own before, but I cant remember the exact link and steps, can you please guide me as to where I can see the unsuspend button? Also I cant login to cpanel, whenever I click on Login Cpanel button it brings up the link...
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    request for unsuspension

    kindly unsuspend my account, will try to login once a month in the forum.. thanks!
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    Please activate my account

    What would be the 'Host' and what would be the URL to connect to for my account - for uploading files using cuteftp?
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    Please activate my account

    My account has been suspended - please activiate - I will try to maintain the expected criteria