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    Absolut Down again

    ...and conveniently on a Friday, the one day every week that I need my server. I'm planning on getting a paid server soon, and I understand why some down time is expected with the free servers, but it still frustrates me that it just always seems to go down the very minute I need it.
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    503 Error

    I definitely understand this. Down-time every now in then doesn't bother me, but when I see messages about not being able to log into the FTP server because the max number of users are already connected, that is a problem. Maybe that is no longer an issue. I haven't uploaded anything in a while...
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    503 Error

    It is definitely an absolut problem and I'm really sick of not being able to log in to ftp/not being able to log in to cPanel/not being able to access my site because of the server I was assigned. I'd really appreciate the problem being resolved or getting the option to migrate to a different...