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    So.. What does everyone want to do / do for a career?

    I'll be doing either live sound engineering (working those giant sound boards you see at concerts), recording, or a combination of the two.
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    End of internet as we know it 2012?

    I was looking at this the other day and I think I'll be switching to Verizon as soon as they get fiber optic in my area, my friend in Illinois has it and he's never had the problems I've had with outages and throttling.
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    I can help you out there.... I actually do have this running, it's a piece of software called iPanel. Yeah, it's some money, but it is worth it if you are really serious about doing this. You set up the server access in the admin panel, and when someone signs up for a package it auto creates in...
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    Where To Buy Domains Via Paypal?

    I know accepts PayPal, whether you can do it without a credit card I'm not sure, but I know they do accept Paypal.
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    Where do you buy your pc?

    I tend to prefer :)
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    Apple Releases 2.0 for iPhone and iPod Touch

    Other iPod touch owners have found that the upgrade is the top download on many torrent networks. ;) (Not naming anything though to keep this thread legal.)
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    Why X Ten?

    Yeah, the camera ad thing is correct, it was in an interview back quite some time ago. 10 times happened to be the zoom or something and now we have x10Hosting.... works for me :)
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    My new Hit Single

    Always keeping yourself busy, I see. At least you continue to provide us with good, quality entertainment :)
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    Lori Drew charged over MySpace suicide

    Another instance of common sense gone through the window. How many people use Myspace? Millions. How many cases like this are there? Far less than that. The majority of people don't have any problems with Myspace, Facebook, etc. The people that do have problems generally have the sense to report...
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    Domain Question

    I have Google Apps for Domains, and I want to enable custom addresses. However, it says I need to create CNAME records with my domain host. The registrar I used is NameCheap, and after I transferred the DNS to x10, I no longer have the ability to create CNAME records at the NameCheap site. Is...
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    PHP Question

    I was trying to install a PHP script and got an error, it says that the Function register_globals is off. Is there any way it can be set to on? (I realize this is probably a specific question for Corey.)
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    Does x10 go down at this time every day?

    For the past few days, something has gone down on my site at this time of day (8am eastern). Whether it be MySQL, HTTP, or everything, something has gone down. Is it that the server reboots at this time every day?I am wondering because I use my site for some things at school and I really need it...
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    Domain Issue - Still Not Resolved

    When I go to add a parked domain in cpanel, I still get the following error: Error from park wrapper: Using nameservers with the following IPs:, Sorry, the domain is already pointed to an IP address that does not appear to use DNS servers associated with this server...
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    Domain Issue

    I am having a different parked domain issue than most other people. When I try to add my domain in cPanel, I get the following error: Error from park wrapper: Using nameservers with the following IPs:, Sorry, the domain is already pointed to an IP address that does...
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    Subdomain issue

    A couple of weeks ago I changed the domain in my account from to Now I would like to change it back, as I no longer have the domain. When I go to, I get a cpanel default page. When i go to...
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    a couple of problems

    First, I recreated a part of my site using Flash. I uploaded it to make sure it displayed properly. However, after I began to add the links, they weren't working. After checking a few things, I determined that firefox wasn't updating the page, because all of my updates display in Internet...
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    Google Adsense

    I just had a question before I apply for google adsense: In the Adsense TOS, it says you can't put competing ads on the same page. x10 uses Yahoo ads, would those be considered competing? (Basically I'm asking if I use adsense with x10's ads and not get my adsense account suspended)
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    Ads Problem

    I have a x10 Corporate account, and I am in the process of getting the ads on my site up, and I noticed something weird. After I added the code for the ads (javascript) on a couple of the pages, they weren't showing up. I ran some tests, and here is what happened: Mac OS X - Firefox: ads show...
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    Hi everyone, i'm josh and like web development as well as music. i hope i get hosting here, as this looks like the best free hosting site around.