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    Linux web and mail server

    I know its not a great idea but its the only way I will really learn plus my boss is set on it don't really know why but there you go haha
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    My first site

    Good for first time but you need to get out of using tables for stucture thats what CSS is for
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    review my christmas site

    Warning: Suspicious Site Mcafee says that your sites baddddd
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    Hallo from Slovenia

    Good evening
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    Linux web and mail server

    Hey am new to linux and I have been asked by my boss to set-up a linux web and mail server for email marketing purposes what linux distro is best for this and also does any one have a great tut on how to do this coz I have been looking at loads of tutorials and each one ends up failing HELPPP :)
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    Designed a website but Cant seem to get the drop down to work :s

    Hi Guys i have got the website done and designed need to do the seo but am trying to get the drop down menu to work but not having no luck can any one recommend a tutorial or give me a hand the website is
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    close of x10 free hosting account

    hi can i close my x10 account it is no longer needed?
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    Shopping Cart

    Hi guys I need a little help am looking for a free shopping cart where you can change the delivery cost per area like postal codes or town or somthing is there anything out there like this? Thanks steven
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    What do you think of my wesite re-maxx

    thanks for the advice i will get stright onto that unfornatly the background has to stop grey thats how the boss likes it i had it as a gradient to begin with but all other advice i will change :)
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    What do you think of my wesite re-maxx

    Hi guys I have created this website its called re-maxx they create textile chemicals and I had to create and design the site I was also wondering do any of you know how can i get better SEO any help would be greatful :) so any comments on the site would be great the link is
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    PHP and MYSQL Help

    ok right if you have a list of numbers in a mysql database is the away to add and subtract them all to get a total for example if it would be listed as ethier 20 or -20 is there away to do that?
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    PHP and MYSQL Help

    Hi I have a transaction database where when you up date the traction of a product it is place on the that as like 200 or -50 and it carrys on like this in a list I was wondering what code would i need to do to add all the mysql tranactions up to get a total and place it on in a products table or...
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    Inventory System Updates

    Hi i downloaded this inventory from I was wondering if anyone can do some edits like putting the products and the count on the home page? I am having trouble because in the MYSQL the site_products does not have a count it is in the tranaction table also code a working...
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    web server??

    hi guys how you all doing right my question is this my business wants to host its own website and e-mail i was wondering if you guys could give me a few tips like what you need best specs for a server which OS is better windows or linux I have been looking around and can't really find the...
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    Choose A Profession For Person Above You!

    food tester
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    Getting certain infomation and linking it to yours is it possible

    hey guys how you all doing I was wondering is it possible to link certain infomation from one website say like price to another website so if that price changes so does yours? so you have a direct link the website the infomation is already on is using php and by the look of thier code it is...
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    building an office program with invoice orders and suppliers

    Hey i am wondering what the best programming lang to use to build an invoicing order and supplier system i was thinking php and mysql with C++ and MYSQL as well would you use these and do you think its going to be possible? and what program do you think i should use to do this???
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    Destroy a website with Predator Weapons

    i was wondering why i kept having troubles you killed cpanel :P av just killed google maps :D
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    Whats The Last Game You Bought?

    red dead redemtion its epic recommend it to anyone
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    search query help

    hey guys am doing a simple mysql query but keep gettingan error with this part of the php file while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($sql)){ and this is the error i get i cant work out why wonder if you knew any better? Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result...