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    Javascript Advance Timer

    I likes! I found a bug though, when it goes down an hour, the minutes go to -1 but then it sorts itself out Hope you fix it :) oh and is it possible if you can have different coloured progressbars?
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    Please test: Advanced AJAX timer

    Cool thanks :D
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    Please test: Advanced AJAX timer

    I have just fixed loads of bugs with this - there are still more, but its late and i cant be bothered to fix them. Please can you test out this and give feed back :D link: It is AJAX, and it was incredably painstaking for trial and error - and it took...
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    Jr net {new}

    Erm your domain redirects me to the domain? I may sign up to it :) - and very good design. -- pecky ;)
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    Content Review

    I dont know what you changed in that, but i found that what you did change was wrong :P. Very good site! Colours dont clash, and im not usually a fan of image navigations, because it feels really old tech. But in this occasion i think it goes nicely ^_^
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    Speechbubble Generator!!

    Hmm, the adverts at the bottom are slightly uncentred, but i cant really help that since the left pane gets in the way :( But thanks for the reply :D Thanks! :D
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    x10exchange not active anymore?

    Well i couldnt find a place to put this so i had to put it in off topic ;) Anyways, i joined x10exchange months ago and nothing has been updated on it. There is a heck of a load of bugs on there and the forums are deserted. I was just wondering whether it is still active?
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    Speechbubble Generator!!

    Yeah haha, i always forget to remove that! That directory is going to go to waste soon, but i have 3 tutorials on there. It is all going to be db driven within the weekend :) -- And i appreciate the bookmark! :D
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    Speechbubble Generator!!

    Sorry for the SLOW updates, i have been working on a tutorial system for languages, programs and tools ^_^. Yes i shall be placing in squared corners, slightly rounded and keeping the curved :D. Hopefully, this weekend. And also i there is a feature for the alignment of the pointer (left right...
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    AJAX Shoutbox Generator Review

    Hi i was needing Reviews on the shoutbox generator, you are required to sign up though. But if you want to support my site then please do :D It is currently at version 0.9 BETA state, since the admin interface is yet unfinished (unfinished addons are unlinked). This is the Admin Interface...
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    Speechbubble Generator!!

    I have made my own font :) - so what i am going to do is maybe this weekend, i am going to updated it with the included font :D
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    Speechbubble Generator!!

    Hmm thanks, i am going to update it though with a choice of nice fonts and a colour scheme - but other than that i dont know what else i can make it "2.0"
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    World's Worst Web Designs

    Thats bad, i feel sorry for the people at the hospital
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    Review My Site

    Please do not PM - its considered advertising. 0/10, sorry but, there is barely any content, the design (if it is a design) is horrible and the shaking buttons are horrible also. There is no useful things on the site, and all the features are absiloutely POINTLESS. At the bottom where it...
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    Recommendation: The navigation where "news", "free webhosts" and "paid webhosts" shouldnt be in black, cause i cant read it. Oh and also - i would be careful about your CAPTCHA, and you may have to consider using ReCAPTCHA, since my CAPTCHA is somehow not good enough for spam protection, and...
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    Link Exchange with Forums...

    How many unique users do you get - i do not own a forum, but my website receives around 15-16 users daily, around about 250-300 pageview (i know it doesnt sound like much, but i just started). If you want to i can place your link on my site in exchange :) - is this a...
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    Speechbubble Generator!!

    Oh haha, sorry i completely forgot about that, i made "403 Forbidden" specifically for IP bans, but i kinda forgot that i made that directory 403 also. Thanks for trying out, i am considering updating it soon for custom fonts and colours. :) Edit: Hehehe, you can combine the binary conversion...
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    Div Float problem...

    Ahh thanks for that, i've never known how to do it :)
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    Speechbubble Generator!!

    It came as an idea about a week back, so i was messing around for making a sign generator, but i made a corner rounded - and then sparked me to make this :D Like so... Lol You can also make basic signs, i will update this in the future to...
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    [update] Hitcounters - with statistics! I have only recently just made the update to the statistical section - but it displays the users IP, the last visited date and time, the location and how many times they have visited. I am hoping to extend it today (or tomorrow) to get it to show the users online...