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    Post your specs

    Laptop: Aces Aspire 5742G Screens: 15.6 '' (laptop screen 1366X786) 21.5 '' (LG screen 1928X1080) (LCDs 16:9) Processor: Intel i3 330M (2 cores , 2 threads /core = 4 CPUs) @ 2.13 GHz Memory: 3Gb HDD:320 GB GPU: nVidia GT 420M I can't ask for more. It's all i need for software development.
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    New guy in town

    Hi, I’m new. I really like your free webhosting offer. I'm migrating from because of the outdated PHP version and because you have far more modules (like ASP, Ruby, etc.) than them. One problem though , I have uploaded a part of my website(40% done, still coding) and when I...