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    What am I doing wrong?

    I thought that setting up a site would be something I could handle... but it just seems to be so complicated and I'm not nearly as computer savvy as I thought!...far from it. Can anyone look at my site and tell me why nothing works? Several times I have...
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    can't make website?

    I wonder if this is just all too complicated for me. I have spent hours trying to get a website up and running...but run into problems everyway I turn. Designed a website in Microsoft Publisher and tried to publish it but it says I need to change FTP proxy settings... Tried to upload it from...
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    New and nervous!

    Hello to all... Excited about this website...but it's a learning experience! Deidre
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    Hope this is the link you meant...

    Hope this is the link you meant? Is that okay? Sorry to be a nuisance... have no idea why I can't receive the email?