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    why Suspended ?

    thanks for the help... disabled wp-cron using wp-config so i guess it won't eat resources again.
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    why Suspended ?

    my account was suspended at February 8 at 5:55 pm " You have been suspended for high system resource usage. Accounts are suspended for usage when they are detected to have consistently high cpu usage, memory usage, or process amounts. " I have Checked wordpress and i don't have that much...
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    Welcome to X10hosting :)
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    Chopin Expedited Copy
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    high system resource usage

    my site was suspended due to SPND_RUSAGE1 i have unsuspended myself but can i ask what is causing the high cpu usage ?
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    Website not working(again)

    ok guys i will not keep replying.. will wait till any admins replies on that issue
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    Website not working(again)

    oh ! come on can't u see my replies there my ticket is still open there but no one is replying my queries there. i have replied three times 30 Nov 2009 4:24 AM,30 Nov 2009 4:32 AM and 02 Dec 2009 10:48 AM i m not telling to open another ticket i m telling to reply me there PS : if there any...
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    Website not working(again)

    i already replied there..i m not newbie but why the issue is being ignored ? i m telling that it issue not fixed but no one is cared to reply me there edit : ps again doesn't means that problem occurred again but it was not solved still
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    Website not working(again)

    Website not working previous ticket id: DPY-221357 launched on 28 nov is not solved still i never like to post like this but no proper replies in that ticket made me to write here my site is not working from 27 nov and it is still not solved please atleast reply me u can fix it or not if...
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    Website not working

    Thanks for the Quick,Great and Accurate Answer.. waiting for any official person to check in Edit: Bump.. is there any offcials to check in ??
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    Website not working

    Recently my website stopped working i am on the chopin..i can login to cpanel.. i checked dns on and it is correct.. Thanks
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    Chopin not sending Emails!!!

    well it is not working still.. sent pm
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    Backup Proposal, Please Leave Feedback

    Thanks for the Quick Reply...
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    Backup Proposal, Please Leave Feedback

    Hey Same Here...What Happened ?? ps i know this is offtopic but i thought it may be due to this change.. Thanks
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    If you see a 'Fitbit' site instead of yours... Thanks
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    Prince of Persia 2008, anyone?

    it was good for me however the game is easy still amazing graphics and fun...
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    GeForce 9400GT. Is this good?

    9400 GT isn't a Serious Gamings card... dependent on which games u want to play... personally i have this card so if u have questions u can ask ??