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    cPanel Username: netfrend Domain: X10 Package: Corporate How long your account has been up: -- Too Long -- September Did you have the ads placed on every page: Yes My didn't sign in to my cpanel because I was having my final exam. I hope to get back my account. Thanks in...
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    Seagate ups mobile storage to 120 GByte

    A new harddrive generation is making its way into mobile devices: Seagate is first to ship a 120 GByte version of its Momentus drive for mainstream mobile computers. Seagate announced the drive Monday as addition to its present Momentus drive family. The new model will join the 5400.2 lineup...
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    New micro-cooling technology to be used in future devices

    Purdue University can put a refrigerator in the palm of your hand. Researchers at the West Lafayette, Ind., university's mechanical engineering department are testing out "microchannel heatsinks" that could cool components inside lasers, weapons or future computers with a series of channels...
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    Memory chip giant Hynix to plead guilty to price fixing

    Hynix Semiconductor has agreed to plead guilty to criminal antitrust violations over DRAM price fixing and pay a $185 million fine. Hynix is the latest DRAM maker to reach a settlement with the Justice Department, as part of its ongoing investigation into price fixing in the dynamic random...
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    Shoot Messenger

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