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  1. bodom_junior

    Custom 404 Error Pages

    I was just wondering I have a Ad-Enhanced Free Hosting Account and wanted to know that does it come with Custom 404 Error Pages?? If it does have Custom 404 Error Pages how do I set them up?
  2. bodom_junior

    Whats the best Instant Messenger?

    Theres many messengers on the internet but witch one is your favorite? I like Yahoo and Windows Messenger.
  3. bodom_junior


    Whats Up? My name is Junior Aviles some know me as Jose. Im 13 years old and I'm an 8th grader. My birthday is on January 23. Im a really cool/fun guy to talk to or hang out with. I go to Belvedere Middle School. I live in East Los Angeles. I have many friends and enemies but I dont give a ****...